Incentive Strategies and Accountability

Is this thing on?”

So you’ve got a strategy all hooked up, with health management, price transparency, biometrics, clinical and nonclinical programs. You flip the switch and … nothing?

It’s missing a critical element – engagement. You need incentives and accountability to move people from Point A to Point B.

We’re not talking about short-term, one-off actions. You need to change mindsets, modify behaviors, and transform lifestyles.

We’re not dreaming; we believe. Not only is change possible, it’s the only way to achieve better outcomes for the long term. We believe in this so strongly that we have an engagement specialist to work with you. She knows the different approaches that work best with different clients, and she can take the time to get to know you and recommend the right course.

Change is possible. You just need to engage. We can help.

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