Individual Medical and RetireMED®IQ

One Isn’t the Loneliest Number…

You may be in the individual market, but you don’t have to go it alone. McGohan Brabender has two trusted partners to help you meet your individual health care needs.

The experts at Cornerstone’s agent referral program, powered by ARC Benefit Solutions helps individuals younger than 65 make good benefit decisions. RetireMED®IQ is an independent advisory service for individuals 65 and older.

Individual coverage isn’t just for people who don’t have employer-sponsored benefits. Some employees may need coverage options not offered on the group plan, for themselves or for their families. Other factors that send employees to the individual market include early retirement or Medicare eligibility. Whatever the need, our partners are here to help.

To submit an inquiry to ARC Benefit Solutions individual market services, fill out this request ticket. (Pop-ups must be enabled to visit site.) An ARC Benefit Solutions representative will contact you directly to provide assistance.

New to medicare or working beyond 65? Visit the RetireMED®IQ website or call 1-866-600-4266 to get started.