Your CFO has a Drug Problem

It’s time for an intervention! Prescriptions account for 20 percent of claims paid on an employer-sponsored plan. The good news is, we can help you manage that number.

If your plan is self-funded, RxBenefits is the solution. McGohan Brabender, through the power of partnership with C2 member firms, brings this unique and industry-leading program to your business.

RxBenefits gives employers all the advantages of national pharmacy benefit management, including discounts and purchasing power. And it won’t add to your administrative to-do list. With RxBenefits, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to administer, evaluate, track and troubleshoot your PBM. RxBenefits utilization management tools unmask even more potential savings for your plan.

Our clients see an average Rx savings of 20-25 percent, and thanks to RxBenefits your CFO will finally get that monkey off her back!