Worksite Benefits

Psst … You Want More? We Know a Guy

Even the best group plan can’t meet everybody’s needs. Voluntary supplemental plans can fill in the gaps for those who want additional coverage. We have a consultant dedicated to worksite benefits, who will meet with your employees on site. All you have to do is open the door!

Voluntary plans allow employees to customize their coverage and provide an extra layer of financial protection. Things like accident, critical illness and hospitalization plans pay cash benefits directly to the employee. They are offered through the employer. The nice thing about these plans is they are fully portable if the employee leaves.

Customization isn’t just valued by today’s workforce; it’s expected. We customize our coffee, we choose the songs we stream, we download the apps we want on our smartphones. Straight-out-of-the-box doesn’t cut it. The custom user experience extends to benefits, and we make it easy for you to deliver.