Nowadays, everyone and their brother’s, cousin’s, best friend’s, child has a smart phone. But are we really apt to use this technology if we don’t explore it to its full potential? There’s an app for everything so why not download a few that check in on you every now and again.


I have never been very good about drinking water, going to bed at a reasonable time, or taking time to just chill out. Here are a few apps that I have found to motivate me, keep me productive, and remind me to take care of myself.


Aloe Bud

Picture Credit: Aloe Bud

On top of being very retro looking and super cute, “Aloe Bud” gives you reminders to care for yourself (much like you do a houseplant). There are 9 slots for you to fill with your chosen reminder. Their features include “Breathe”, which gives you a small reminder and break in your day to take a deep breath, coaching you through a relaxation session for a minute. “Motivate” is a feature that allows you to set a reminder to listen to your favorite playlist to get ready for the day. “Hydrate”, which is my favoritesends you a reminder to drink water throughout the day. The app also has a feature to set your reminders for work days, weekends, or every day depending on how often you want a notification.



Picture Credit: Shine

If you’re someone who needs to sit back and listen, “Shine” is the perfect app for you. “Shine” is designed for deep contemplation of one’s goals and aspirations. “Shine” has several features to check in with the user such as a simulated text-bot that will ask you your goals, your mood, and give inspirational quotes to keep you going throughout the day. The app also acts as it’s own blog, providing several articles on growth and taking a step back from how crazy life can be, just to collect yourself. “Shine” is a great resource for a morning, afternoon, or evening boost of confidence. Their speakers ease you into a simple meditation to help you get rid of negative thoughts that accumulate throughout the day, leaving you with a happier, simpler sense of self.



Picture Credit: Youper

As far as self-care apps go, “Youper” is probably the most organized of all applications. “Youper” allows you to organize your thoughts, the factors you think that are contributing to your feelings and the way you’re feeling, and the resulting feeling after contemplation. The app allows you to see a trend in your mood when using the app on a daily basis. Based off of how you’re feeling when you log your mood, “Youper” will recommend a breathing technique or a personalized meditation. “Youper” will monitor mood, emotional health, and your progress to feeling your best. My favorite feature on this app is the Discover Personality Tool that will define your personality and help you understand yourself and kick start your journey to a better you.



Picture Credit: Calm

Just by the opening screen of “Calm” that tells you to “take a deep breath,” you can already tell that this application is going to be just what it says in the name. One of my favorite features of this app is the motion background. The landscape and the water slowly moving almost immediately causes you to relax and become less tense. The app has several options for stories, music, and various types of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) sounds for you to relax and fall asleep to. For those with anxiety, forms of anxiety, or if you’re just plain anxious, the app has several challenges for managing stress and calming oneself. These challenges also expand into bettering focus and emotions. “Calm” is the perfect app for those who want to sit back and listen because there isn’t anything to fill out, or engage with. You just press play and relax.



Picture Credit: BetterMe

Physical well-being goes hand-in hand with emotional well-being. “BetterMe” is an app dedicated to healthy choices whether it be exercise, nutrition, or forums to learn more about being a healthier, more fit you. “BetterMe” is loaded with exercises to do on a daily that only take 4 minutes and recipe ideas to keep you full and focused. The app is personalized, allowing you to add your height, weight, target weight, food preferences, problem areas, and the amount of physical activity you participate in. After putting in all of your statistics, “BetterMe” customizes workout plans and articles for you to read based on your answers. “BetterMe” is a great stepping stone for those who want to start getting into shape but don’t know how.