You need a health insurance plan that maximizes benefits while minimizing costs.

Who We Are

You need a health insurance plan that maximizes benefits while minimizing costs. We get that; so let’s cut to the chase. With MB, you’ll have a team of experts – in benefit plan design, communication, member advocacy, wellness, compliance, and actuarial services – to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

But if you’re serious about controlling your costs – and who isn’t? – you have to look at controlling your risks. MB, better than any other broker, can help you do that.

While health care reform set off waves of fear and resentment among businesses, it also created opportunities to rethink the role of employer-sponsored benefits. We have developed a defined process to:

  • Control costs
  • Improve health
  • Sustain results

MB Core Truths: Living the MB Culture

With the help of the Employee Owners of MB, we have created our four Core Truths. These truths provide a deeper toolbox for us to thrive and grow within the walls of MB and our communities. We utilize this foundation of truths to guide how we communicate, problem-solve, and deliver on promises made.

Through stories, we narrate our viewpoints so you, our clients, can understand our purpose and the value we serve as your broker. This process permits us to adapt and change, and it gives us freedom to cultivate a brilliant future.

Our Core Truths:

  1. Cultivating a Culture of Care

    > We serve with empathy, flexibility, heart, and hustle

    > We link arms with one another, standing together – ready for whatever life brings

    > We foster a community of listening and accountability

    > We build trust over time – earning it through actions

  2. Keeping First Things, First

    > We value people and invest in their lives knowing the rest will follow

    > We believe exceeding expectation is the least we can do

    > We gauge our success through improved lives

    > We strengthen communities through healthy families

  3. Using Uncommon Sense

    > We mutually empower each other by trusting our jobs to be done at the highest level

    > We communicate clearly with honesty and transparency.

    > We fight tirelessly for our customers because we’re on the same team
    > We are fearless – overcoming failure and setbacks with grit and determination

  4. Making the Future Brilliant> We believe our industry belongs to the curious and the brave

    > We optimistically imaging the future and work to bring it about

    > We accelerate innovation through preparation and collaboration

    > We transform our vast knowledge into understanding so we’re always one step ahead