Charitable Giving

Who We Support

Since 1972, McGohan Brabender’s philosophy has been driven by the foundation of family. Our founder, Pat McGohan, believes and edifies that MB employees should be treated the same way we wish our clients to be treated. The relationship between broker and client begins by supporting the areas that we serve. Pat shares that the importance of giving back to the community goes beyond “doing our job.” He brought forth the idea of MB Gives Back! Each year, one business day is allotted to each MB employee to assist a charity of their choice. So instead of reporting to the office, we take a day and work in the community.

MB is a proud sponsor of several nonprofits that benefit the communities where we employ. Our employees dedicate hundreds of hours, using their time and talents to serve on boards, work in the trenches, and do everything in between. We’re proud but not surprised – that’s who we are, and that’s MB!