With McGohan Brabender, you sign on with more than an insurance broker. Who are we? Our Strategy & Innovation department is an extension of your account management team working directly with you to engage your workforce, communicate your benefits, and help spread the good word of health care. We know if we educate your workforce about employee benefits, your health care spend will decrease. We specialize in observing and executing these strategies. We go beyond the status quo by communicating simply and yet, informatively. As an employer, unless you provide the proper knowledge of your benefits package, you cannot expect your employees to use their benefits properly. Our goal is two-fold; not only do we want you and your employees to understand the benefits of being a smart health care consumer, but we also want them healthy to celebrate more birthdays.


McGohan Brabender believes it is imperative employees understand their benefits package. We are the experts. Let us communicate your choice of coverage so that you can take care of your business.


We research your demographics, and then we work directly with your account team to present your benefits in a way that will connect with everyone. We make videos, create flyers, send emails, whatever channel works best for your team. We communicate your message to your workforce with tools that make your life easier. You have a voice that we put into action.


  • David Homan is a Shareholder of McGohan Brabender and Vice President of the S&I Team. He is the all-knowing grandmaster of health care communications. With almost three decades in the health care industry, David thrives on making you think differently about your employee benefit strategies.


  • Our Creative Director, Phil Meilinger, adds the color and the flare to make everything just perfect. Phil has over 30 years of experience in the marketing design profession and never stops learning. You might say he is our Best Boy in the studio.


  • Kenzie McEvily is the face and voice of McGohan Brabender. She will cheerlead your message and can get anyone motivated about employee benefits through social media or your direct communications. She is MB’s social contact with the world. She keeps us hip and hopping.


  • Jeanne Boozell is McGohan Brabender’s Copy Writer. Best described as the one that keeps it simple; who puts big ideas into words to make insurance a little easier to understand. Jeanne filled other roles at MB prior to this position, bringing her industry knowledge and customer service passion to the team.


  • It all comes together with our production expert, Malisa Simco. She wraps it all together in a final package. Malisa embodies the expertise behind the camera. She animates, films, edits, and produces our client’s video projects to tell the story that you want your workforce to hear and learn.


  • Our most recent team member started with MB as an intern. Mr. Jeff Duvic serves as liaison with Strategy & Innovation, the Business Development team, and our consultants.  As the Sales and Marketing Specialist, Jeff will unite these teams to guide our newest client’s dreams to reality.


Why should you sign on with MB? The question is, why wouldn’t you? Brokers offer the same health care benefits from the carriers, the same risk factor formula, the same premium calculation, so what’s the difference? McGohan Brabender Strategy and Innovation team. We educate, empower, and engage your employees to become smarter health care consumers, which translates to healthier employees.