Key Partnerships

Feel free to judge us by the company we keep. McGohan Brabender is an established leader and national trendsetter among independent employee benefits brokerages. To enhance our position in the industry and better serve our clients, we have partnered with other best-in-class organizations that share our vision to be trailblazers in the benefits field. Organizations like:



ACAP Health Logo


This health consulting firm is dedicated to slowing the production of disease through healthier lifestyles, a proven approach we fully embrace. ACAP research consistently proves that a healthier workforce is attainable and desirable, and it benefits everyone.


Airrosti Logo


At MB, we are proud to partner with Airrosti because their quality care approach is right in line with how we encourage our clients to use their health care spend.  Airrosti providers are singularly focused on getting results for their patients, while providing the highest level of quality care without raising costs with unnecessary imaging.

Their quality-care approach means they spend significant one-on-one time with every patient, one full hour every visit, to accurately diagnose and resolve the source of your pain through safe and effective soft tissue treatment.

They save patient’s time and money, while helping eliminate or dramatically reduce the need for costly and potentially dangerous prescription pain killers and opioids.


Benefit Technology Resources, LLC Logo


Benefit Technology Resources is the largest mid-market HR technology consulting firm. Their specialty is helping insurance brokers, employers and their clients improve the efficiency and functionality of their existing technology. Like us, BTR knows “one size doesn’t fit all.”

Benefit Technology Resources has partnered with top, regional brokers throughout the U.S. to offer their HR Technology Consulting services.

Partnering with BTR sets MB apart from the competition. They only work with a select few brokers in any given marketplace, which means they can maximize the time and value of their franchise with us, so we can pass the technology onto our clients.


C2 Solutions Logo


McGohan Brabender is a founding member of Collaboration Centric Solutions, or C2, an association of independent firms that share our vision and our emphasis on innovative solutions. C2 comprises regionally dominant private firms from across the country, so local services stay local but we – and our clients – benefit from the national scale of the organization and shared strategies.


ConsumerOptix Logo


ConsumerOptix is a front office InsurTech consumer engagement company that provides intelligent automation to the insurance sales process. MB’s idea for Accelerate, a platform to create and deliver highly personalized media, was created.  ConsumerOptix takes our thoughts and brings them to reality. Precisely why we have partnered with this SaaS company. Together, we provide the technology that enables carriers, brokers, agents, and advisers to individually engage with insurance consumers to drive insurance premiums and commissions all vital elements to a successful relationship regarding health care insurance.

EMS: Enrollment Management Services

The US Health Care system is perplexing, and for you, it starts with employer-provided benefits. The open enrollment process grows more confusing and frustrating with new options and requirements every year. Even with numerous alternatives, employers cannot possibly customize a benefits package for each employee.

We have a feasible solution—McGohan Brabender partners with EMS – Enrollment Management Services. EMS provides an opportunity for employers and their employee’s families to understand their benefits to make a confident choice for their health care coverage. Sometimes the offered plans may not be the right choice to cover your employee’s health care needs. What if they could look beyond those options and sign on with the insurance that is right for them, and by doing so, reduce your company’s total health care spend and risk? Sound intriguing? It did to us too, and that’s why we partner with EMS.


EyeMed - Health for California Insurance Center


Due to the partnership we have with EyeMed Vision, we are able to offer our clients the Eyemed Vision Discount program. Save money on all your vision care needs, in addition to your primary benefit, with The EyeMed card, offered to all MB clients, means you’ll never pay full price for exams, glasses or contacts — even corrective laser surgery through a large selection of participating providers!


Garner Health:

We were immediately attracted to Garner Health because, like us, they believe in high-quality health care for a low cost. Garner provides never-before-offered data to clarify the health care process. Driven to eliminate the confusion, Garner alters how the entire system works. They dig deep and go beyond finding a good group or facility to find the top doctors with more successful results and fewer required treatments which correlates to lower cost for both the employer and the employee. Watch this video to be introduced to Garner.

Good Wages Initiative:

Our MB Indianapolis office is officially a Certified Employer with the Good Wages Initiative! The Good Wages Initiative was launched by EmployIndy, a non-profit organization that certifies, celebrates, and showcases Marion County employers committed to providing full-time employees both a wage of at least $18/hour and access to health insurance benefits. The Good Wages Initiative currently has over 60 employer partners representing 18 industries, 23,600 workers, and $4.8 million in increased wages in Marion County.

We are honored to be a part of this important initiative. To learn more about their mission, focus and impact, visit:


HealthJoy centralizes technology to solve complex health care problems; Problems that shouldn’t be this difficult. We are happy to partner with HealthJoy because it works with your carrier and industry to drive benefit awareness in one straightforward, smart, and proven process. No matter the insurance carrier, the number of plans, or the extent of your benefit package, HealthJoy combines it all in a simple-to-use, personalized app on your employee’s phone.

These are the same goals we share with our clients – striving to make the health care process manageable, which is why we are excited to partner with this modern health care solution.

Regenexx Logo


Regenexx’s world-wide network of specially trained physicians allows 80% of patients to avoid orthopedic surgery. They provide the world’s most advanced, research-driven, regenerative medicine with the best possible patient outcomes. These exact characteristics of leadership are why MB has partnered with Regenexx.

One keyword that describes the Regenexx process: Reduce! We like that Regenexx reduces orthopedic spend, reduces pain, reduces recovery time, all while reducing overall cost. It just sings to our clients and us.