Key Partnerships

Feel free to judge us by the company we keep. McGohan Brabender is an established leader and national trendsetter among independent employee benefits brokerages. To enhance our position in the industry and better serve our clients, we have partnered with other best-in-class organizations that share our vision to be trailblazers in the benefits field. Organizations like:


ACAP Health

ACAP: This health consulting firm is dedicated to slowing the production of disease through healthier lifestyles, a proven approach we fully embrace. ACAP research consistently proves that a healthier workforce is attainable and desirable, and it benefits everyone.



C2: McGohan Brabender is a founding member of Collaboration Centric Solutions, or C2, an association of independent firms that share our vision and our emphasis on innovative solutions. C2 comprises regionally dominant private firms from across the country, so local services stay local but we – and our clients – benefit from the national scale of the organization and shared strategies.