Introducing the Interns: Jonah Mergler

May 26, 2023

Welcome to Meet the Intern Friday! Each week we will introduce one of our eight summer interns joining us at McGohan Brabender. Get ready to learn about each intern and why they are excited to be at MB.


First up is Jonah Andrew Mergler from Englewood, Ohio. Jonah is a rising junior at the University of Dayton and is currently studying applied mathematics with a minor in actuarial science (try pronouncing that one). He is an intern in the 100+ FAS department and enjoys his work. Now let’s get to know Jonah a little better.


What is a fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me is that I was named Jonah because it means peace. Apparently, during an ultrasound, it showed me giving a peace sign; that’s how my parents decided to name me.

What is your favorite dad joke?

What’s a DJ’s favorite sauce? Marinara *Like a record scratching*

What is your favorite thing about college?

I enjoy always being with people and having something to do. I also enjoy the aspect of making new friends.

Do you have a hobby?

Last summer, I started doing photography. My first camera was the Canon EOS Rebel.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a pilot. I don’t know where I’d fly; the whole world is my oyster.

How early do you get to the airport before a flight?

Personally, I get there two hours before the flight. You never know how long it will take with TSA.

Why did you choose MB?

I had heard good things about MB while asking around. The company is also local, and I enjoy helping in my community. Given that information, MB was the perfect choice.

What are your thoughts on MB so far?

Everyone at MB is so nice and they are really what makes everyone say working here is so great. I’ve been working on real, worthwhile projects in my first week. I’ve already been welcomed into my department and have been joking around with my coworkers.