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Who We Are

McGohan Brabender is a visionary benefits broker dedicated to revolutionizing employee benefits. From starting in a small bedroom on Sycamore Street to expanding into six different cities, our company is reimagining the future of employee benefits.

At MB, we are not simply a benefits broker; we are catalysts of change within the industry. We leverage our innovative strategies, unmatched expertise, and commitment to addressing the specific needs of our clients to achieve cost-saving benefits and improve health outcomes.

Our team is driven by a shared mission to create positive change for our clients, foster healthier workplaces and empower organizations to thrive in a rapidly evolving workforce.

Our Leadership

Success is driven by effective leadership. Our leaders bring a wealth of industry experience and diverse perspectives to MB. They continuously search for opportunities to improve our organization and create an environment that inspires, guides, and empowers our clients and employees. Meet our leadership team!

Beth Bailey

Executive Vice President, Key Accounts

Ashley Bowman

Chief Financial Officer

Beth Ferrin


Carolyn Filson

Client Retention Manager

Kevin Grabeman

Executive Vice President, Columbus Market

Matt Heiny

Executive Vice President, Indiana Market

Dave Homan

Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin Hopf

Executive Vice President, Dayton Market

Ivan Kabanov

Chief Technology Officer

Tony Malagari

Executive Vice President, Cincinnati and Kentucky Markets

Suzanne Meek

Vice President of Human Resources

Erick Schmidt

Chief Executive Officer

Liz Schneider

Executive Vice President, Emerging Markets

Anne Marie Singleton

Chief Growth Officer

Tina Werts

Executive Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Our Culture

At McGohan Brabender, we believe that the heart of a successful organization is its culture.

We deeply value every person that comes into MB and celebrate the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talents that enrich our workplace. Here at MB, we don’t just talk about our values, though – we live them daily. Our core truths are ingrained in everything we do, whether it’s serving our clients or supporting our employees.


We also believe in empowering our employees through ownership and take immense pride in being an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Our commitment to fostering a transparent and inclusive workplace ensures every team member has a voice in our success.

The ESOP ownership structure goes beyond just financial benefits; it creates a powerful sense of community and responsibility within our team. By embracing the ESOP philosophy, we have created passionate individuals who are not just employees but dedicated owners invested in the growth and success of our organization.

eMBracing Differences

McGohan Brabender is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect, feel safe to be their authentic selves, and have equal opportunities for career advancement.

An inclusive, supportive McGohan Brabender enables us to zealously meet the needs of our employees, clients, business partners, and communities. We believe that an assortment of thoughts, styles, perspectives, and collective talents are the cornerstones of a strong, flexible, and wildly successful employee-owned organization!


MB Core Truths

Living the MB Culture

With the help of the Employee Owners of MB, we have created our four Core Truths. These truths provide a deeper toolbox for us to thrive and grow within the walls of MB and our communities. We utilize this foundation of truths to guide how we communicate, problem-solve, and deliver on promises made.

Through stories, we narrate our viewpoints so you, our clients, can understand our purpose and the value we serve as your broker. This process permits us to adapt and change, and it gives us freedom to cultivate a brilliant future.


Cultivating a Culture of Care

  • We serve with empathy, flexibility, heart, and hustle.
  • We link arms with one another, standing together – ready for whatever life brings.

  • We foster a community of listening and accountability.

  • We build trust over time – earning it through actions

Keeping First Things, First

  • We value people and invest in their lives knowing the rest will follow.

  • We believe exceeding expectation is the least we can do.

  • We gauge our success through improved lives.

  • We strengthen communities through healthy families

Using Uncommon Sense

  • We empower each other by trusting our jobs to be done at the highest level.

  • We communicate clearly with honesty and transparency.

  • We fight tirelessly for our customers because we’re on the same team.

  • We are fearless – overcoming failure and setbacks with grit and determination 

Making the Future Brilliant

  • We believe our industry belongs to the curious and the brave.

  • We optimistically imagine the future and work to bring it about.

  • We accelerate innovation through preparation and collaboration.

  • We transform our vast knowledge into understanding so we’re always one step ahead.

Charitable Giving

Since 1972, McGohan Brabender’s philosophy has been driven by the foundation of family. Our founder, Pat McGohan, believes and edifies that MB employees should be treated the same way we wish our clients to be treated.

The relationship between broker and client begins by supporting the areas that we serve. Pat shares that the importance of giving back to the community goes beyond “doing our job.” He brought forth the idea of MB Gives Back! Each year, one business day is allotted to each MB employee to assist a charity of their choice. So instead of reporting to the office, we take a day and work in the community.

MB is a proud sponsor of several nonprofits that benefit the communities where we employ. Our employees dedicate hundreds of hours, using their time and talents to serve on boards, work in the trenches, and do everything in between. We’re proud but not surprised – that’s who we are, and that’s MB!

Strategic Partnerships

We’re committed to delivering the best-in-class benefits consulting experience for our clients, which is why we’ve created strategic partnerships with various organizations that share our values and commitment to providing exceptional service. These partners allow us to access specialists and technicians who add another layer of expertise to deliver a more personalized and holistic approach to benefits consulting.

By leveraging their expertise, we can offer a more comprehensive, tailored sercive model that meets each client’s unique needs. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities of benefits consulting quickly and confidently.

Three Axis Advisors
The Cason Group
C2 Solutions
Good Wages Initiative
GIS Benefits

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