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Communication & Engagement

Effective communication and engagement, when done correctly, can positively impact benefits management outcomes. Our team provides tools and resources to help clients deliver customized communication to their employees, whether it’s messaging, videos, or cost-saving promotions.


Introducing the future of employee communication- AccelerateGo! AccelerateGo! is a revolutionary way to distribute content and streamline employee benefits communication, taking the complexity out of engaging your workforce.

Engagement Videos

We take a unique approach to communicating with your workforce. Our Strategy and Innovation department works with clients to create personalized engagement videos to help promote employee benefits and drive participation, ensuring employees understand all the offerings available.

MB Perks

Our Member Journey research has shown that the modern workforce is changing, and at McGohan Brabender, we recognize the need to adapt our benefits offering to meet these evolving needs.

Benefits 101

Benefits 101 is a comprehensive collection of videos designed to help the younger generation of employees understand and get the most out of their benefits.

Studio MB

At McGohan Brabender, we are continuously finding innovative ways to improve communication, which is why we’ve created StudioMB.

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