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At McGohan Brabender, we know the importance of staying on top of the latest industry trends and keeping your workforce informed. That’s why we created our podcast, Side Affects, to help take the complexity out of healthcare.  

Whether you are new to insurance or a seasoned executive, our podcast provides expert advice and innovative ideas about leadership, legislation, culture, compliance, and other topics. When you tune in to Side Affects, you’ll access exclusive insights from industry experts who share their knowledge and experiences. Our hosts, along with our guests, provide practical advice and proven strategies to help you improve your services in a crowded market. 

Our podcast, which has received “new and noteworthy” recognition three times, was the first benefits podcast published on iTunes and is designed for busy professionals who want to stay informed while continuing to keep up with the demands of their business. We offer an immersive audio experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect tool to help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Explore our collection of over 130 podcast episodes and discover how we can help you elevate your benefits.

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Episode #133

From Patents to Prices: A Deep Dive into Drug Pricing | Part IV

Hosts, Kenzie & Dave continue the pharmacy series with MB's Vice President of Pharmacy Solutions, Dr. Jeff Eichholz. They tackle one of the most sought-after topics in pharmacy: pricing. Learn the origins of generic drugs and unravel the components comprising the cost of specialty drugs, touching on patents, research, drug ingredients and beyond.

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Episode #132

PBMs and RFPs: The Devil is in the Details | Part III

MB Director of Pharmacy Solutions, Dr. Jeff Eichholz joins Kenzie and Dave to discuss all things Pharmacy Benefit Managers – or PBMs. Dr. Jeff explains how to choose a PBM or vendor and what’s involved in the RFP process. The devil is truly in the details and he shares some of the “gotchas” when you’re reviewing these contracts. Tune in!

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Episode #131

Pharmacy Essentials Unveiled: Insights from Dr. Jeff Eichholz | Part II

In this episode of Side Affects, our mission is to set the groundwork of pharmacy basics for listeners. Our guest, MB’s Director of Pharmacy Solutions, Dr. Jeff Eichholz does just that with his diverse expertise. Kenzie, Dave and Dr. Jeff discuss PBM management, drug adherence, the evolving role of pharmacists and essential clinical programs for organizations. You won't want to miss this episode.

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Episode #130

Introducing MB’s Director of Pharmacy Solutions, Dr. Jeff Eichholz | Part I

Side Affects Producer, Kenzie McEvily and Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Homan sit down with Dr. Jeff Eichholz, MB's Director of Pharmacy Solutions. Tune in to learn about Dr. Jeff's background, what brought him to MB and catch up on the latest pharmacy news.

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Episode #129

New Beginnings: Navigating Pregnancy, Maternity Leave & Postpartum Resources

Side Affects Producer, Kenzie McEvily returns from maternity leave and hosts the first podcast of 2024. In this episode, she discusses a topic close to her heart with colleagues, HR Generalist, Erin Woessner and Population Health Manager, Tiffany Kuck. Tune in to learn more about what benefits your organization can offer pregnant employees, policies on maternity leave, and mental health resources for expecting parents.

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Episode #128

Re-Imagining Open Enrollment Communication: Part II

In this episode, listeners will learn how to create and present a 15 minute open enrollment meeting that still includes all of the necessary pieces of information, doesn’t overwhelm your employees and perhaps changes the way they view them entirely. Be ready to listen with an open mind – because if Dave and Kenzie do their jobs right – your job during open enrollment season will be 100 times easier. Tune in now!

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Episode #127

Re-Imagining Open Enrollment Meetings: Part I

MB Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Homan has been in the health benefits world for over 25 years with intense research in the past few about employee benefit communication strategies. Sadly, open enrollment meetings haven’t changed much when our technology and innovation has. Dave and Side Affects Producer, Kenzie are going to share how employees feel about open enrollment meetings, why they need to be re-imagined and solutions on how to turn them from a “stressor” to a “delighter.”

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Episode #126

Generational Recruiting Part II: ChatGPT & Interactive Technology

Join #SideAffects Producer, Kenzie McEvily and co-host, Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Homan as they discuss artificial intelligence and how HR professionals can use it to save time, improve efficiency and enhance a job candidate's interview experience. It’s 2023 and personalization is key! From your tennis-shoes to your food order to your job offer letter, personalization can create a competitive advantage for organizations. Technology guru, Dave Homan is going to introduce us to the basics of ChatGPT and why we need to embrace this innovation. Tune in!

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Episode #125


Side Affects Producer, Kenzie McEvily and Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Homan welcome Director of Account Management and 100+ Segment Lead of All Markets for MB, Beth Bailey to the show to discuss an emerging HR topic, Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Accounts, also known as ICHRAs. Between 2020 and 2022, ICHRA adoption doubled across all 50 states. In this episode, you’ll learn the basics of this health plan, what organizations it works best for and the potential drawbacks. Tune in now!

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Episode #124

Generational Recruiting Part I: Ghosting

Join Side Affects Producer, Kenzie McEvily and Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Homan as they discuss how recruiting has changed in the past five years. HR professionals are navigating new waters of virtual interviews, advanced technology, artificial intelligence and ghosting. How can they make sure they’re targeting the right candidates and guaranteeing that they will actually show up for their interview? In this episode, HR and benefit communications expert, Dave will share why applicants are ghosting their potential employers, how to avoid that and explain how to target the right generations in the hiring process.

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Episode #123

Military Contractors and Employee Benefits

Co-hosts, Kenzie McEvily and Dave Homan welcome McGohan Brabender Shareholder and Consultant, Matt McAlpine to touch on a more specialized topic – benefits for military contractors. What makes this group so unique? How do you develop a benefit plan for them that is attractive but also compliant? Tune in to learn more!

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Episode #122

The First Fill: Navigating Your First Prescription as an Adult

Co-hosts, Kenzie and Dave take on part three of the Adulting and Insurance series with special guest, University of Cincinnati junior, Maura Homan. In this episode, you will get inside the brain of a college student when managing the task of filling a prescription from start to finish. Tune in!

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Episode #121

Your Health, Your Way

Are you ready to take your healthcare journey to the next level? Join Dave and Kenzie as they explore four "choose your own adventure" scenarios that will help you become more active in your healthcare decisions. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to take control of your health journey!

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Episode #120

Traditional Recruiting is Dead: How to Navigate a Multigenerational Workforce

It’s time to rethink the future of recruiting. Join hosts, Dave and Kenzie as they discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that come from attracting and retaining talent from different generations in the workforce, including Millennials and Zoomers who make up 38% of the global workforce.

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Episode #119

Health Insurance Explained – It’s Not as Hard as You Think

If you are 26, coming off your parent's health plan, or a first-time enrollee, LISTEN UP. In this episode of “Side Affects,” co-hosts, Dave Homan and Kenzie McEvily dive into the health insurance world and provide insight into what options are available when choosing your health plan for the first time.

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Episode #118

Health Care or Pub Crawl? We can help…

The member journey inspired hosts Dave Homan and Kenzie McEvily to talk to a different group of people for this episode, college students! In this audio-only podcast, you will learn what you need to know when it comes time to use your health insurance while you're away at college. Tune in!

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Episode #117

End-of-Year Maintenance: FSA, HSA and Prescription Drug Coverage

Don't be on hold for the month of January! Co-hosts, Dave Homan and Kenzie McEvily cover the three things you need to know as the end of the year approaches. In only thirteen minutes, you'll learn everything you need to be aware of regarding your health savings accounts and prescription drugs before 2023 arrives.

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Episode #116

The 4 Mental Health Solution Buckets

MB Population Health Manager, Tiffany Kuck joins Kenzie and Dave and explains how the topic of mental health is overwhelming for employers, but crucial for a healthy workplace. Tiffany discusses the 4 mental health solution buckets that can help employers and employees understand what resources are available to them.

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Episode #115

Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps – Member Journey Part IV

The moment we've all been waiting for... the solutions to the Member Journey! Producer, Kenzie is joined by Director of S&I, Dave Homan who shares how you can turn a "stressor" into a "delighter." Dave suggests rethinking your recruiting strategy and examining your own benefits plan to create transformational change.

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Episode #114

Cultivating Success throughout the Member Journey – Part III

Part three of the Member Journey podcast series shares the results of the S&I team's months-long data collection and analysis. Side Affects host, Kenzie and Director of Strategy and Innovation, Dave dissect the findings to better understand why these trends are changing. Listen in to learn how to move forward.

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Episode #113

Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness – DE&I Part V

Kenzie and Anne Marie welcome back Nadia Lewis and Julia Porter along with Jacob Simon, Assistant Vice President for Intercultural and Community Engagement. As Dean of Students, Jacob shares how they support the students with a strong sense of belonging. Tune in to our fifth and final episode of this DE&I series!

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Episode #112

Culture Isn’t the Flavor of the Month – DE&I Part IV

Producer, Kenzie and co-host, Anne Marie welcome the President of Tiffin University and founder of the Center, Dr. Lillian Schumacher. Together with Nadia Lewis & Julia Porter, this fourth of the five-part series dives into the center’s beginnings and the effects it has had on the staff and students at Tiffin. Listen!

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Episode #111

Don’t Just Hire Diversity, Weave It into Belonging – DE&I Part III

Kenzie & Anne Marie continue with Tiffin University's Center for Intercultural Excellence, Nadia Lewis & Julia Porter to discuss Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. This third episode dives deep into Equity in the Workplace. Those who genuinely feel they belong will be loyal and approach each workday positively.

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Episode #110

Be Worthy of the Talent You Hire – DE&I Part II

Kenzie and Anne Marie host Julia Porter and Nadia Lewis from Tiffin University’s Center for Intercultural Excellence to continue your DEI education. This episode concentrates on the best practices companies should follow to be more inclusive, starting with the hiring process. Learn tips to train your interviewers!

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Episode #109

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – DE&I Part I

Side Affects host, Kenzie and co-host Anne Marie are excited to be the first to share with you Tiffin University’s Center for Intercultural Excellence, Nadia Lewis, and Julia Porter, to discuss across a 5-part series: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This first episode reveals the importance of self-awareness. Tune in!

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