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At McGohan Brabender, we know the importance of staying on top of the latest industry trends and keeping your workforce informed. That’s why we created our podcast, Side Affects, to help take the complexity out of healthcare.  

Whether you are new to insurance or a seasoned executive, our podcast provides expert advice and innovative ideas about leadership, legislation, culture, compliance, and other topics. When you tune in to Side Affects, you’ll access exclusive insights from industry experts who share their knowledge and experiences. Our hosts, along with our guests, provide practical advice and proven strategies to help you improve your services in a crowded market. 

Our podcast, which has received “new and noteworthy” recognition three times, was the first benefits podcast published on iTunes and is designed for busy professionals who want to stay informed while continuing to keep up with the demands of their business. We offer an immersive audio experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect tool to help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Explore our collection of over 130 podcast episodes and discover how we can help you elevate your benefits.

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Episode #074

Regenexx | Joint Restoration

Scott McGohan and MB President, Mike Suttman are joined by Regenexx CEO, Jason Hellickson for a special Side Affects episode as they discuss an increasingly popular alternative versus orthopedic surgeries. Regenexx uses human healing cells to restore compromised joints. It's time to consider a new way of treatment.

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Episode #073

A Front Door for Health Care – Quantum Health

Side Affects Producer, Kenzie Fell and MB CEO, Scott McGohan are joined by Steven Knight from Quantum Health -- a consumer navigation company that thrives on creating a clear pathway to a genuine and trustworthy experience. Listen as they discuss the importance of being a "front door" for health care consumers.

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Episode #72

The Power of Human Capital

MB Recruiting Coordinator Lauren Hemm joins Kenzie and Anne Marie to share her tips for candidates, how she searches for potential employees and the kind of questions you should ask to get the full story. When looking for a position, you may have the skills, but do you fit in with the company’s culture?

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Episode #71

Anatomy of a Renewal: Let’s Strategize

Your employee benefits renewal isn't a one-time transaction. It's a strategy and discussion that should be happening throughout the entire year with your benefits team. MB's Director of Account Management, Todd Clarke joins Kenzie Fell and Scott McGohan to explain the anatomy of a renewal from start to finish.

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Episode #70

Fast-Tracking Millennials for Leadership

With today’s thriving economy, many of your managers have been thrown into leadership roles so fast, that reluctantly, there is no time for proper training. The newer employees are eager to succeed, but are they equipped to manage? Listen in and learn how to grow with millennials and develop them into leaders.

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Episode #69

Data Analytics: CSI

Kenzie & Anne Marie welcome MB’s Manager of Strategic Data Analytics, Kelly McCall. She explains the advantages of our data analytical software & how we can assist our clients to make future decisions by looking at the medical claims of the past. Tune in to hear how Kelly can help solve the mystery of high claim risk.

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Episode #068

Hats off to that Entrepreneurial Spirit

Side Affects welcome University of Dayton senior, Danielle Ruffolo to the show. Dani turned a class project into a thriving business thanks to some hard work & a strong support system. From the classroom to Shark Tank, tune in to hear how this entrepreneur grew her business by simply sewing a sock into a baseball hat.

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Episode #67

How savvy is your social media strategy?

Scott discusses today’s social media concepts with Multimedia Specialist, Kenzie Fell. Kenzie has only been at MB for 8 months but has put MB on the social network ‘world tour.’ Learn how sharing your company’s culture & brand places you in a different light that attracts new clients and recruits skilled talent.

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Episode #66


SimplePay is an industry-changing approach to health care that delivers the highest quality care at the lowest cost. No deductibles, no plan design, no bills from providers … no surprises. Learn why we believe SimplePay is going to transform health care, and find out today what everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

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Episode #65

From Vision to Reality

Susan Goebel hears a lot of bright ideas. In fact, she talks to three inventors every day! Susan is a master at taking concepts from the drawing board to the marketplace. Her focus these days is bioscience business development. The problem, she says, isn't a lack of ideas; it's a lack of understanding of the process.

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Episode #064

Small steps, big success

Joe Motz is CEO of the Motz Group, a national athletic field specialist based in Cincinnati. Motz grew a successful business from scratch, by himself, but it took a toll on his health. His dreams were nearly sidelined by a health wake-up call, but he was determined to make some lifestyle changes and reverse his risk.

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Episode #63

What is spread pricing and why should you care?

Scott and Anne Marie welcome back Eric Pachman, a consultant and drug pricing analyst with 46Brooklyn. 46Brooklyn is committed to bringing transparency to your prescription transactions, and today Eric talks about spread: the gap between the amount the pharmacy receives for the drug vs. what the payer paid.

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Episode #62

The Shifting Focus Of Health Care

Side Affects listeners were among the first to hear about new approaches to paying for health care, including the cost/quality relationship, pricing transparency and value-based contracting. Scott McGohan and Anne Marie Singleton look at how these new conversations are changing the mindset of employers.

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Episode #61


We all know that prescription drug prices are costing us a lot of money. One Ohio company is doing something about it. 46Brooklyn was created to obtain, analyze and release data on pharmaceutical pricing. Listen as these two men explain how they are using data to make drug pricing transparent.

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Episode #059

Epiphany Rx

Brenda Motheral is making a difference in health care. With an impressive 25+ years in the industry, Brenda is working to make the pharmaceutical world transparent. She explains how her company – Epiphany Rx – stands out against other PBMs.

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Episode #58

ACAP and the Future of Health Care

Since 2007, ACAP Health set out to change the way employers approach wellness. The outcomes-based strategy was born, and it has exceeded expectations as a proven way to reduce costs and improve health. It’s a simplified solution that addresses the basic equation: Price x Use = Cost.

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Episode #57

Den Bishop Can Fix Health Care!

Den Bishop, president of Holmes Murphy, has a keen grasp on what’s wrong with health care today and how to change it. This much is clear: Employers cannot continue to shoulder the ever-growing costs of health care. So, what’s the answer – single payer? All-payer? Medicare for all? Or none of the above?

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Episode #56

Bezos, Buffett and the Future of Health Care

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase announced they were partnering to change the way benefits are delivered to their employees. If their combined technology can produce simpler, faster and more transparent health care, then Scott says there is hope.

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Episode #054

Please Don’t Take A Seat

People are biologically meant to move, but our culture - including our workplaces - encourage us to sit and be still. Learn more about the fresh approach to achieving a healthier workforce

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Episode #055

Beam Delivers High-Tech Dental Hygiene

Alex Frommeyer's strategy for dental care is hitting home and bringing the tech. If you’re going to offer dental coverage, Frommeyer says, it makes sense to encourage dental hygiene.

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Episode #48

The Health Care Top 10

Scott and Anne Marie walk through the Health Care Executive Group’s annual Top 10 list. The list reflects the challenges, opportunities and issues facing health care executives. At the top of the list for 2018: leveraging data with clinical evidence, something MB knows well. Find out other trends to watch for in 2018.

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Episode #34

Risk and Self-Funding

Scott and Anne Marie take another look at self-funding, this time considering the risks. In the long run, self-funding will save most companies money. But you have to be prepared for a down year. Is stop-loss the answer? Scott and Anne Marie talk about how stop-loss can protect you from a future unknown risk.

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Episode #53

The Case for Onsite Clinics

If you thought onsite clinics are available only to large employers, prepare to think differently. Scott and Anne Marie reveal how employers of all sizes can realize lower costs and better outcomes with onsite clinics. And learn why investing in consistent, quality care is now an option for employers of any size.

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Episode #51

The Direct Primary Care Movement

In Direct Primary Care, patients pay a level monthly fee for access to their primary care physician as needed. Scott and Anne Marie welcome Dr. Amy Mechley of Integrative Family Care of Cincinnati, who explains how her Direct Primary Care practice works as an alternative to traditional insurance plans.

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Episode #50

A Primary Partnership

Primary care is garnering respect and generating results, thanks to a rise in health care consumerism and value-based reimbursement models. Here are the not-so-hidden benefits of a primary partnership.

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