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Me, Me, ME! It’s Not Just the Millennials

Episode #075



“I deserve this!” But… do you really? MB friend and Leadership Coach, Kristi Dinsmore returns to Side Affects to discuss with podcast Producer, Kenzie Fell and MB CEO, Scott McGohan, a very popular and concerning subject regarding the entitlement some individuals use to gain position, power and reward. Kristi shares how organizations cannot just attach this to millennials because we are seeing this everywhere and with each generation. Listen to these great tips on how to approach and hopefully eliminate the entitlement epidemic.

About Our Guest

Kristi Dinsmore

Kristi knows how lucky she was to have started her career in retail — learning from the ground up what it takes to create profitable growth. After graduating from Miami University, Kristi held sales, management and buying roles at Mercantile Stores, the May Company and ultimately, Liz Claiborne, where she was on the launch team of a new division. Kristi broadened her business knowledge with an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business but realized that the numbers side is often the easiest. In reality, it is “people” (particularly leaders) that make or break most organizations. Since then, Kristi has done what most companies struggle to do — make the “people side” work. She has helped organizations in the retail, consumer products, construction, financial services and technology industries develop the right strategy, structure and people to drive growth and profit. Kristi’s focus is on coaching and developing senior and “high potential” leaders to create and sustain profitable growth.

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