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Being Present With Absence Management

Episode #076



Kristin Hostetter from Lincoln Financial meets with Kenzie and Anne Marie for our most recent Side Affects podcast. Kristin has over 15 years of absence management experience and has seen the entire process take some creative turns. Leave management has become a tool that will allow employers to gain the talent they are looking for from the tight and competitive workforce. What do your employees value? Should you consider some adjustments to your family leave to keep your staff happy and loyal? Listen and learn your options.

About Our Guest

Kristin Hostetter

Kristin is responsible for oversight of Lincoln Financial Group’s Absence Management product.  Kristin assists in development and market release of product enhancements, ensuring the services are market competitive and meet customer needs. Prior to joining Lincoln in 2014, Kristin was an Account Executive at Ceridian focusing on enterprise accounts.  Her responsibilities included developing strategic account plans to optimize program results and meet performance commitments for customers with Absence Management, EAP, and Work-life products.  Prior to this role, Kristin worked for Reed Group in operations, sales and account management roles developing relationships with key customers and analyzing complex business needs of customers with Absence Management products.

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