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Episode #72



Like the McGohan Brabender recruiting process, we looked internally for our next guest. Side Affects Producer, Kenzie Fell and Director of Growth, Anne Marie Singleton spoke with MB Recruiting Coordinator, Lauren Hemm to learn more about the interview and hiring process. When looking for a position, you may have the skills, but do you fit in with the company’s culture? Here at MB, we have been told our interview process is lengthy. We don’t hire people for their specific skill or to fill a specific spot. We test to see if they fit our culture of helping people. A four-round interview process is worth it to our Human Resources team. Tune in to hear Lauren’s tips for candidates, how she searches for potential employees and the kind of questions you should ask to get the full story.

About Our Guest

Lauren Hemm

In a world of flashy resumes, lengthy cover letters and millions of LinkedIn profiles – MB’s Recruiting Coordinator, Lauren Hemm knows how to navigate the choppy waters of staffing to bring McGohan Brabender the best and brightest employees. With stellar communication skills, organization, confidence and HR knowledge, Lauren believes in the power of human capital. Lauren started at MB in 2017 as a Service Representative. She believes having client-facing experience and knowledge in the industry helps her find the best candidates for all of MB's roles.

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