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At McGohan Brabender, we know the importance of staying on top of the latest industry trends and keeping your workforce informed. That’s why we created our podcast, Side Affects, to help take the complexity out of healthcare.  

Whether you are new to insurance or a seasoned executive, our podcast provides expert advice and innovative ideas about leadership, legislation, culture, compliance, and other topics. When you tune in to Side Affects, you’ll access exclusive insights from industry experts who share their knowledge and experiences. Our hosts, along with our guests, provide practical advice and proven strategies to help you improve your services in a crowded market. 

Our podcast, which has received “new and noteworthy” recognition three times, was the first benefits podcast published on iTunes and is designed for busy professionals who want to stay informed while continuing to keep up with the demands of their business. We offer an immersive audio experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect tool to help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Explore our collection of over 130 podcast episodes and discover how we can help you elevate your benefits.

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Episode #109

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – DE&I Part I

Side Affects host, Kenzie and co-host Anne Marie are excited to be the first to share with you Tiffin University’s Center for Intercultural Excellence, Nadia Lewis, and Julia Porter, to discuss across a 5-part series: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This first episode reveals the importance of self-awareness. Tune in!

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Episode #108

What Employees Want for Benefit Options – Member Journey Part II

Join Producer, Kenzie and Director of Strategy & Innovation, Dave for part two of "The New Member Journey." They dig deeper into what your Millennial and Generation Z employees define as a ‘rich benefit.” Think renewable energy credits, pet insurance and unlimited PTO... HR professionals - tune in now!

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Episode #107

Now Back to Our Previously Scheduled Program … The Member Journey!

Director of Strategy & Innovation, Dave Homan joins Kenzie for the first episode of The Member Journey series. Dave is always three steps ahead – and when The Great Resignation began, Dave was one of the first to notice the red flags. Now, employers must re-examine their employee benefit offerings. Tune in!

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Episode #106

Defining a New “Work-Life Balance”… For Each Generation

Kenzie & Scott welcome Michael Denisoff, President and CEO of Employers Resource Association. Michael shares his observations of The Great Resignation and how to balance the multi-generational workforce. It’s time to ask, “as an employee of this company, what’s important to you?” Watch and listen to learn more!

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Episode #105

Ascend Innovations: Leveraging Technology to Do Good

Kenzie, Scott and our guests, Josh Gratsch and Dr. Bill Baez from Ascend Innovations share what Dayton, the Midwest city of Innovation, has going on with their health care network systems. Ascend has rallied three top hospital systems and are collaborating to re-build a trusted name by gathering shared data. Tune in!

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Episode #104

Evolution of the Patient Experience Through COVID

Internist, Dr. Peter Nelson and cardiologist, Dr. Harvey Hahn join Kenzie and Anne Marie to discuss the pros and cons of how we approach our physical well-being and the health care system. Many of these observations were present before the pandemic, but with COVID, issues have intensified. Listen to learn more!

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Episode #103

Airrosti: Reducing the Cost of Rapid Recovery, Remotely

Airrosti Chief Population Health Officer, Dr. Chris Cato and Vice President of Business Development, Kelly Burchett review the past five years with Kenzie and Anne Marie. Tune in to learn about their fascinating history, what makes them stand out and how they’ve entered the telemedicine world at the perfect time.

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Episode #102

ConsumerOptix: Becoming the ‘Amazon’ of Life Insurance

Join Producer, Kenzie and guest host, Dave Homan as they welcome James O’Hara, CEO of Dayton-based ConsumerOptix. Tune in to learn how they are working to be the ‘Amazon’ of Life Insurance as they get the employee benefits and insurance industry up to speed in the digital evolution with new communication software.

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Episode #101

onefifteen: Activating the Data of the Opioid Epidemic

Kenzie and Scott welcome Marti Taylor, President and CEO of onefifteen, a not-for-profit organization that takes a fresh approach to treating opioid addiction. Logic pointed the onefifteen crew to base in Dayton, at the heart of the problem, with the intent to provide good care right here in our city. Take a listen!

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Episode #100

We’ve Come a Long Way, MB!

Happy 100th episode, Side Affects! Join in the celebration with producer Kenzie and her usual sidekicks, Scott, Anne Marie and Dave, as they reminisce about the creation, the knowledge shared, and the direction of Side Affects' future. Click and enjoy some highlights of our favorite and highly listened to episodes!

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Episode #099

Captives: “Putting the We in Front of Me”

Captives: loosely defined as an alternative method of sharing the claim risk across a larger pool. Producer, Kenzie and co-host, Anne Marie speak with Scott Insurance’s, Pim Jager, VP Lead of Captives about the history, dynamics & the future of modern captives for health care specifically brought on by the ACA in 2010.

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Episode #098

Don’t Live in Fear, Just Be Aware

COVID-19 threw us deeper into the digital world, and now the virtual space is an identity hacker's paradise, eager to steal your identity. Kim Redd, Benefits Specialist from LegalShield joins Kenzie & Anne Marie to explain how to keep an eye on the prize, which is you, and your personal information. Listen now!

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Episode #097

Direct Contracts: Modern Flair for Cost-Effective Health Care

VP of Employee Benefits Sales at M3, Ryan Barbieri digs deeper into direct contracting and shares how employers willing to tackle the non-traditional methods of health care could reap benefits beyond the ROI. Find out if your company has what it takes to put direct contracting into motion for a long-term solution.

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Episode #096

Everyone Has a Story

Julie Manuel, a psychotherapist from Kettering Health, joins Kenzie and Scott to discuss the subject of mental health and how delicate it is, especially for employers. Today, factoring in the pandemic, mental health has contributed to poor productivity & reliability. Julie shares the importance of an EAP plan. Tune in!

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Episode #095

Garner Health – Trusting Your Health Care Hero

Founder and CEO of Garner Health, Nick Reber explains that finding the right physician at the right time is the solution to excellent health care without blowing your budget. Nick joins Kenzie and Scott to share how this economic strategy depends on the data from the outcomes, not the process. Take a listen!

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Episode #094

The ‘Trusty’ PBM Advisor

Thatcher Sloan and Bill Lenskold share how Confidio, a PBM Consulting firm, enhances the relationship you have with your PBM. They hold the PBM accountable to the contract and manage a strategy going forward that fits your culture. Prescription costs are a hot mess and it's nice to have someone in your corner.

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Episode #093

2020: Don’t Put It in the Rearview Mirror

Our first episode of 2021 brings Todd Wilkowski from Frost, Brown, Todd, LLC to discuss with Kenzie and Scott how this past year, he has encouraged embracing the gift of time. Moving forward, we aren’t out of the COVID-19 woods yet - Todd shares how companies can grow from the lessons learned in 2020. Take a listen!

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Episode #092

The Decision is in the Data

A magic ball could make future health care decisions a bit easier, but math and science make your options realistic! Scott and Kenzie are joined by Springbuk's Mike Pattengale and Jen Jones to learn more about the data analytics platform that supports employers to make better health care decisions. Tune in now!

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Episode #091

The Out-of-Office Output Isn’t Adding Up

Kristi Dinsmore from Carter Fraser discusses how long companies and their employees can endure working outside of their department walls. Most people need to be around people, and if they aren’t, cracks begin to show in productivity. Listen and learn how to transition your workforce back into the office successfully.

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Episode #090

The Urgency of Adaptation | Open Enrollment Communication During COVID-19

HR manager, Mary Howbert from G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers joins Kenzie & Dave to discuss how to tackle the curve-balls of conducting a business's HR side, especially open enrollment, during this pandemic. Open Enrollment is an imperative time to engage all employees and it's time for businesses to get agile and creative.

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Episode #089

Break the Rules: Automate your Annual Benefit Communications

2020 has turned most of us upside down, so it may be the time to try something new for your benefits communications. For this Side Affects episode, producer, Kenzie Fell has pulled our Director of Strategy and Innovation, Dave Homan, from behind the scenes, upfront to discuss different options for open enrollment.

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Episode #088

Don’t Let COVID-19 Damage Your Relationship with Your Clients

Lance Tyson, owner, President, and CEO of The Tyson Group joins MB CEO, Scott McGohan for a conversation about COVID-19 and how it is affecting their approach to sales. Companies are adapting to this new normal very differently, and you must be prepared for anything. Take a listen!

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Episode #087

Benefit Technology: Rip and Replace? | Part 3 Of 3

What is the shelf life of technology? What you needed in 2010 may not be what you need now. Kenzie, Anne Marie, and Kelly from BTR highlight how important it is to build a relationship with your Benefit Technology vendor. Tune in to make sure technology is working for you and you are not working for the technology.

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Episode #086

HR Technology Implementation Doesn’t Have An Easy Button | Part 2 Of 3

You've vetted and chosen your HR Technology, now it's time to implement it! HR Technology Consultant, Kelly Zimmerman of BTR shares the best steps going forward for a successful transition of your HR Data. Being prepared and consistent is key during an implementation. Tune in to round two of our HR Tech series!

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Episode #085

The Building Blocks of HR Technology | Part 1 of 3

Kelly Zimmerman from Benefit Technology Resources explains the importance of HR Technology. No matter the size of your company, you will use some sort of technology to support your workforce. Right now, COVID-19 has spotlighted the evident gaps. Tune in to part one to build your foundation of HR Technology knowledge!

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