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Defining a New “Work-Life Balance”… For Each Generation

Episode #106



Broadcasting to you, live at 2:00 AM from our office on the beaches of Bora Bora….

Welcome to our first Side Affects podcast of 2022 – Kenzie and Scott welcome Michael Denisoff, President and CEO of Employers Resource Association. With over 30 years of assisting companies, Michael shares his observations of The Great Resignation and how to balance the multi-generational workforce. Due to the recent disruption in personnel, Michael sees significant changes in the definition of benefits. Simply put, the employee desires the same recognition of their job, but the scene looks different, a beach in Bora Bora perhaps. It’s time to ask, “as an employee of this company, what’s important to you?” Click, watch, or listen to Michael’s guidance on this important topic.

About Our Guest

Michael Denisoff

Michael Denisoff is the President and CEO of Employers Resource Association. He is known as a highly skilled, innovative and successful executive who excels in impacting companies through business leadership. He brings out the best in employees, core processes and the collective culture. Companies rely on Michael to deliver real financial results, raving-fan customers, innovation, a high-performing culture and a tremendous employee experience. With over 30 years experience as an HR Executive, Business Consultant and Executive Coach, Michael has a proven track record of leading enterprise transformation, Human Resources, organizational development, strategic planning, change management, learning programs and strategic talent programs that improve and optimize corporate performance. He is a true business partner because of his business acumen, ability to learn the business of the company where he is working and his aptitude to collaborate closely with executive leadership to assess organizational needs and requirements. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn! Learn more about ERA:

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