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Episode #100



McGohan Brabender started the Side Affects podcast in 2016, with six people stuffed into a sound-proof closet. Although it was successful, for obvious reasons, things had to change. Here we are now marking our 100th episode looking back at how far we have come. Join in the celebration with producer Kenzie McEvily with her usual sidekicks, Scott McGohan, Anne Marie Singleton and Dave Homan, as they reminisce about the creation, the knowledge shared, and the direction of Side Affects’ future. Click and enjoy some highlights of our favorite and highly listened to episodes. Stay tuned as we continue to share industry knowledge of the world of employee benefits and leadership tips for employers. Thank you to our Side Affects fans!

About Our Guest

Scott McGohan

As CEO of McGohan Brabender, Scott works on vision casting, strategy alignment and leadership deployment. He has been with MB since 1988. As a business leader, it is always about people for Scott — always has been and always will be. Scott believes that understanding your core is the essence of transformation. That includes being vulnerable about both your strengths and weaknesses. He believes people need to see leaders make mistakes, own them when they do and teach people through success and failure. Scott believes you cannot threaten, coerce or reward people to care. You can only awaken the desire inside of them and give them the permission and encouragement to do so. Products are delivered by people, and when people believe in themselves they will believe in you.

Anne Marie Singleton

As the Director of Growth, Anne Marie’s primary focus is strategy, working directly with key clients and closely with MB sales consultants.  Anne Marie has an extensive business-to-business financial consulting background with over 17 years of corporate banking experience and 12+ years of benefits consulting experience.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wright State University and an MBA from the University of Dayton with a concentration in Finance and International Business. She serves on the board of the Dayton Chamber of Commerce.

David Homan

As Vice President of Strategy and Innovation for McGohan Brabender, David spends his days thinking of better, smarter, more effective ways of driving value into clients’ benefit programs. He then turns those ideas into reality. His “outside the box” approach challenges organizations to rethink the way they approach, design, communicate, execute and implement their employee benefit strategies.  David’s goal is to make you feel uncomfortable with the status quo. David has been in the health care field since 1992, filling a number of roles, including marketing, communication, product development, innovation and technology.  He is a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences with topics ranging from psychographic communication to understanding data analytics to drive behavioral change. He preaches the belief that “simple is the new genius!” and “if you are comfortable with the way your benefit program is running, you haven’t pushed yourself hard enough.”

Kenzie McEvily

As Digital Experience Producer on the Strategy and Innovation team, Kenzie McEvily is the face and voice of McGohan Brabender. She is a co-host and producer of the Side Affects podcast and manages the McGohan Brabender digital presence. This includes their social media platforms, YouTube channel and digital marketing campaigns. She will cheerlead your message and can get anyone motivated about employee benefits. She is our social contact with the world. She keeps us hip.

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