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Data Analytics: CSI

Episode #69



Side Affects hosts Kenzie Fell and Anne Marie Singleton welcome MB’s Manager of Strategic Data Analytics, Kelly McCall.  For over four years, Kelly has helped our Financial Analyst Team bring the clinical portion of our strategies to our clients.  Kelly explains the advantages of our data analytical software, and how we can assist our clients to make future decisions by looking at the medical claims of the past.  Tune in to hear how Kelly can help solve the mystery of high claim risk.

About Our Guest

Kelly McCall

Kelly McCall has been with MB for almost four and a half years and when it comes to data, she has the power!  In her role at MB, Kelly makes data easy to understand by converting data findings into clear and relevant reports for senior management. She uses data metrics and insight to draw conclusions and recommendations that are easily communicated. With a background in marketing, business development and emergency medicine, she has every skill needed to be successful in her position as the Manager of Strategic Data Analytics at MB.

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