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Captives: “Putting the We in Front of Me”

Episode #099



Captives…loosely defined as an alternative method of sharing the claim risk across a larger pool. Side Affects producer, Kenzie McEvily and co-host, Anne Marie Singleton speak with Scott Insurance’s, Pim Jager, VP Lead of Captives about the history, the dynamics and the future of modern captives for health care specifically brought on by the ACA in 2010. Are you willing to be part of a collaborative community that can create better outcomes for your company and your employees? Take a listen and give captives a good hard look as an alternative option to healthcare.

About Our Guest

Pim Jager

Pim Jager is a Vice President and Branch Leader at Scott Insurance in the Richmond, Virginia headquarters. In addition to these roles, Pim serves as the Practice Lead for Scott’s Senior Living Practice Group. Pim has over 25 years of experience in the areas of human resources administration, workforce management and benefits consulting. Pim has been an industry leader in the development and ongoing program support of group captive programs for employee benefits. He works with leading agencies throughout the country to identify opportunities for mid-market companies to come together to help stabilize health care costs by leveraging a captive structure and best-in-class risk management programs. Pim graduated from James Madison University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Business Administration and International Business. Connect with Pim on LinkedIn!

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