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Episode #095



You can get higher quality health care for a lower cost. Yes, it does exist! Nick Reber, a self-defined data nerd, serves as Founder and CEO of Garner Health and our recent guest on “Side Affects.” From personal experience, Nick discovered that finding the right physician at the right time is the solution to excellent health care without blowing your budget. Nick joins Kenzie McEvily and Scott McGohan to share how this economic strategy depends on the data from the outcomes, not the process. Click to watch or listen to learn more.

About Our Guest

Nick Reber

Nick Reber is the Founder and CEO of Garner Health. Prior to founding Garner, Nick served on the leadership team at Oscar Health where he focused on analytics and provider network development, and helped oversee the firm’s growth to over $2 billion in revenue. Prior to Oscar, Nick was a partner at Bridgewater Associates where he served as co-head of Research Analytics.   Visit for more information! Connect with Nick on LinkedIn!

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