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The Decision is in the Data

Episode #092



A magic ball could make future health care decisions a bit easier, but math and science make your options realistic. Join MB CEO Scott McGohan, and “Side Affects” Producer, Kenzie Fell, with business partners Mike Pattengale and Jennifer Jones from Springbuk, a data analytics platform supporting employers to make better health care decisions. With Springbuk’s vision, you can prevent disease with data. It’s clear how data analytics educates and empowers employers with the leverage of data to justify health care increased cost. It isn’t magical, but it may seem miraculous. Tune in to learn more.

About Our Guest

Mike Pattengale

Mike Pattengale has been with Springbuk for nearly four years and works as an Account Executive, arming his partners with transparency and efficiency within the healthcare space. Mike is a former professional musician, passionate about building relationships with others and working to help build a more connected Indianapolis. He is a graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University, Praxis Academy and is a Future Founders Inaugural cohort. Connect with Mike here: Learn more about Springbuk:

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones is an Indiana Wesleyan University graduate and experienced Health Strategist. She has over 15 years of experience in the insurance and health care industry. She serves as the Senior Director of Health Strategy at Springbuk focused on coaching, sales, team building, management and employee training.  Connect with Jen here: Learn more about Springbuk: The Downstream Impact of COVID-19 White Paper

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