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ConsumerOptix: Becoming the ‘Amazon’ of Life Insurance

Episode #102



James O’Hara, CEO of Dayton-based ConsumerOptix, has drawn a path for this front-office communication start-up to become the ‘Amazon’ of Life Insurance. James and his team are driven to get the employee benefits and insurance industry up to speed in the digital evolution by understanding the employee’s approach to consuming and purchasing. Join Side Affects producer Kenzie McEvily and McGohan Brabender’s Director of Strategy & Innovation, David Homan, offsite in the newly renovated Dayton Arcade, where ConsumerOptix resides. Tune in to learn how employers can use this software to share a personalized message that all employees can understand.

About Our Guest

James O'Hara

James is a 1990 graduate of Northwestern University and started his career with Procter & Gamble. He went on to co-found two leading CRM and personalized media firms in Chicago and is a veteran in the insurance and financial services consumer communications field. His expertise has been called on to design and implement CRM and consumer communications platforms for some of the largest property and casualty, life and voluntary benefits carriers, brokers and agents in the U.S. James is a frequent speaker and panelist at industry events and author of numerous industry publications and an inventor of personalized consumer communications patented technology. James led the design and development initiatives for both Accelerate and eBenefitsIQ.   Connect with James on LinkedIn! Learn more about ConsumerOptix.

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