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How savvy is your social media strategy?

Episode #67



MB CEO and Side Affects Host, Scott McGohan discusses today’s social media concepts with Producer and Multimedia Specialist, Kenzie Fell. Kenzie has been with MB for only 8 months but has put MB on the social network ‘world tour.’ Learn how sharing your company’s culture and brand can place you in a different light that attracts new clients and recruits skilled talent. Kenzie shares with Scott the important steps a company must take when diving into the social media world, as well as how to use it as a marketing tool. Which platform is right for you and your company? Take a listen and consider yourself, LinkedIn and friends of MB. It will make you Twitter all about.

About Our Guest

Kenzie Fell

Kenzie is the Multimedia Specialist at McGohan Brabender working on all things digital. From content creation, video editing, paid advertising and more -- she is constantly staying ahead of the digital trends. Kenzie has touched nearly all aspects of the social media world from live tweeting the NCAA First Four basketball tournament from her time at the University of Dayton to writing the morning news as a producer for WHIO to curating social media posts during her time at a digital marketing agency. She has immersed herself in MB's culture and has found a home on the Strategy and Innovation Team.

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