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Episode #105



This Side Affects episode shares the bright future for the health care issues in southwest Ohio. Tune in with Kenzie and Scott to learn what Dayton, the Midwest town of Innovation, has going on with their health care network systems. Our guests, Josh Gratsch and Dr. Bill Baez from Ascend Innovations share how Ascend has rallied three top hospital systems and are collaborating to re-build a trusted name. By gathering shared data, they have commercialized a strategy against the collective community issues that are bigger than any one network.

About Our Guest

Josh Gratsch

Chief Operating Officer at Ascend Innovations As a lifelong learner, I enjoy the constant pursuit of new information and will always strive to continue growing and refining my beliefs. My personal values revolve around hard work and the right kind of ambition, being optimistic, balancing confidence with humility, acting in the presence of fear, and always striving to be curious about things I don’t know. As a leader, I believe in being radically candid and transparent, leading with authenticity, demonstrating vulnerability, and creating a culture where people feel seen, heard, and supported. I love seeing people succeed around me. I love seeing people step into their own potential and shattering any sort of internally or externally imposed limitations or boundaries. At Ascend, I’m striving to create an unparalleled culture and environment that puts life before work and produces amazing, impactful community health products as a result.

William D. Báez, PhD

VP, Data Science at Ascend Innovations Using a human-centered approach, Ascend's mission is to solve unmet needs in health and human performance. Our long-term vision is to transform the healthcare experience through the creation of new companies that commercialize life science products. With Ascend's unique positioning, we have unparalleled access to clinicians, hospital executives, data, pilot opportunities, partnerships, and so many other benefits. As Vice President of Data Science and R&D, I am responsible for ensuring that Ascend's data science capabilities are achieving the company's strategic and financial goals. This responsibility comes with the privilege of leading a team of talented innovators who strive to push the collective boundaries of the data science discipline. When it comes to solving data centric problems, my team has a broad set of backgrounds, skillsets, and experiences that allows us to analyze the business case and data through a multi-faceted lens. With a strong focus in life sciences, data is more to us than numbers or characters. We work with our clients to truly immerse ourselves in their data and processes to understand the nature of the problems we're trying to solve, and the people those problems impact. Learn more at:

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