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Don’t Live in Fear, Just Be Aware

Episode #098



COVID-19 threw us deeper into the digital world, and now the virtual space is an identity hacker’s paradise, eager to steal your identity. We are excited to share this compelling topic on today’s episode of Side Affects. Producer, Kenzie McEvily and co-host, Anne Marie Singleton are joined by special guest Kim Redd, Benefits Specialist from LegalShield. Kim provides excellent advice on how to keep an eye on the prize, which is you, and your personal information. Right now, this podcast should be your top priority. Click to listen and learn.

About Our Guest

Kim Redd

Kim Redd, an Employee Benefit Specialist at LegalShield, is going into her 17th year as an identity theft solutions expert. She works to gain equal access to the justice system for individuals, employee groups and small businesses across the US and in Canada. Kim received her professional designation as a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist in 2006 and is a licensed property and casualty insurance agent. You can connect with Kim on LinkedIn!

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