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The Out-of-Office Output Isn’t Adding Up

Episode #091



It has been said, considerably, that these are unprecedented times, specifically in our workforce. The US has never had so many employers insisting that their staff do their job from home. Join Side Affects producer, Kenzie Fell; MB CEO, Scott McGohan and frequent guest, Kristi Dinsmore as they discuss and measure how long companies and their employees can endure outside of their department walls. Most people need to be around people, and if they aren’t, cracks begin to show in productivity. Learn how to transition your workforce back into the office by watching or listening to this Side Affects Podcast episode.

About Our Guest

Kristi Dinsmore

Kristi knows how lucky she was to have started her career in retail — learning from the ground up what it takes to create profitable growth. After graduating from Miami University, Kristi held sales, management and buying roles at Mercantile Stores, the May Company and ultimately, Liz Claiborne, where she was on the launch team of a new division. Kristi broadened her business knowledge with an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business but realized that the numbers side is often the easiest. In reality, it is “people” (particularly leaders) that make or break most organizations. Since then, Kristi has done what most companies struggle to do — make the “people side” work. She has helped organizations in the retail, consumer products, construction, financial services and technology industries develop the right strategy, structure and people to drive growth and profit. Kristi’s focus is on coaching and developing senior and “high potential” leaders to create and sustain profitable growth.

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