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At McGohan Brabender, we know the importance of staying on top of the latest industry trends and keeping your workforce informed. That’s why we created our podcast, Side Affects, to help take the complexity out of healthcare.  

Whether you are new to insurance or a seasoned executive, our podcast provides expert advice and innovative ideas about leadership, legislation, culture, compliance, and other topics. When you tune in to Side Affects, you’ll access exclusive insights from industry experts who share their knowledge and experiences. Our hosts, along with our guests, provide practical advice and proven strategies to help you improve your services in a crowded market. 

Our podcast, which has received “new and noteworthy” recognition three times, was the first benefits podcast published on iTunes and is designed for busy professionals who want to stay informed while continuing to keep up with the demands of their business. We offer an immersive audio experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect tool to help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Explore our collection of over 130 podcast episodes and discover how we can help you elevate your benefits.

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Episode #30

Improve with Improv!

Justin Howard, founder of Black Box Improv, talks with Scott and Anne Marie about training your brain to listen. Too often, he says, we’re more concerned about what we’re going to say that we don’t really hear what others are saying.

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Episode #29

Soft Skills Beat Hard Sell

Technical skills might open doors but soft skills will maintain relationships. Scott and Anne Marie talk about the value of soft skills — listening, responding and recognizing nonverbal queues. Poor soft skills drive away clients, while good skills pull them in. And soft skills, like technical skills, can be taught.

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Episode #28

The Value of Vision Coverage

Vision coverage is the voluntary benefit that employees request most. It’s an inexpensive way to enhance your benefits package and attract and retain employees. Scott and Anne Marie talk about the value of vision coverage.

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Episode #27

The Next Generation

Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers in the workforce. Scott and Anne Marie talk with Melissa Carr and Michael Allen of Generation Dayton, an organization for young professionals, on how employers can connect to and develop our future leaders.

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Episode #26

“Hood Robin” and Prescription Drug Pricing

This episode marks our first foray into the secretive world of prescription drug pricing, and it's one we'll revisit many times. Scott likens it to Robin Hood in reverse — the real payers of prescriptions are propping up a dysfunctional system.

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Episode #25

Employee Assistance Programs

When employees are under stress, at work or at home, their well-being and performance suffers. An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, could be the solution. EAP offers free confidential, professional counseling. Scott and Anne Marie talk about EAP services, the value they bring, and simple ways to get the word out.

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Episode #24

The evolution of wellness

Scott and Anne Marie are joined by Alexandra Paul, National Wellness Executive for Humana Health Care. She says the focus of wellness has evolved from awareness to activities to outcomes. And the future holds the promise of earlier and improved disease detection.

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Episode #22

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability is an inexpensive way to protect your employee’s income in the event of an extended illness or injury. In this episode of Side Affects, Scott and Anne Marie talk about the benefits of employer-provided LTD.

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Episode #21

Communication Technology and Human Resources

Scott and Anne Marie look at how social media and wearable technology are impacting Human Resources. The playing field is crowded, so how do you choose the ones that will have the greatest impact? The way we communicate is evolving; don’t be left behind.

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Episode #20


Musculoskeletal claims are among the highest on any plan. Airrosti treatment centers offer an effective surgical alternative. Scott and Anne Marie welcome Derek Curlee, a VP at Airrosti, to find out why Airrosti is the go-to organization for rapid recovery of soft tissue injuries.

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Episode #19

Reference-Based Pricing

Reference-based pricing is a tool that reveals the true cost of healthcare services. Scott and Anne Marie discuss reference-based pricing, gating strategies, bundled services and other ways to bring transparency to your costs.

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Episode #18

Organizational Change

Organizational change is an essential, but sometimes painful, reality. Scott and Anne Marie talk with Suzanne Meek, MB Director of Human Resources, about strategies that work, and some that don’t. Learn how change is easier with effective leadership.

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Episode #17

Understanding Health Care Costs

The way you purchase health care is different from the way you purchase other consumer goods. Scott and Anne Marie share insights on how health care costs can differ from one facility to another in the same region. How you utilize care can greatly impact your costs.

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Episode #16

C2 Solutions

Scott McGohan, MB President Mike Suttman, and special guest Sean Willoughby-Ray of Scott Insurance in North Carolina talk about the “power of partnership.” McGohan Brabender and Scott Insurance are two of six firms that comprise C2 Solutions, a strategic collaboration to create innovative products and services.

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Episode #15

Get Ready for Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment gives employers the opportunity to deliver a more strategic benefits plan. You need one that serves your employees and, at the same time, keeps your costs to a minimum. Scott and Anne Marie talk about the Open Enrollment strategies that employers need to know.

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Episode #14

Metabolic Syndrome Awareness

You can’t see Metabolic Syndrome, but if you don’t identify it in your employees, you could end up paying the price. Scott and Anne Marie talk about the risk factors of Metabolic Syndrome, and how biometric screenings are the first step toward lower claims and healthier people.

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Episode #13

Beyond Wellness

MB Health and Engagement Specialist Tiffany Reid joins Scott and Anne Marie to talk about wellness programs. A wellness program alone is not enough. You have to identify your risk, implement a strategy, and engage your employees.

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Episode #12

Data Analytics

Reporting provides numbers you need to know; but data analytics reveals what those numbers are telling you. Scott and Anne Marie talk about how interpreting data can provide the answers and the pathway to better health and lower claims.

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Episode #11

Innovation Symposium Wrap-up

Every few years, we host an event that highlights the latest tools and technologies in health benefits. Scott is joined by Dave Homan, director of innovation at MB, and MB President Mike Suttman as they touch on the highlights of the May 2016 Symposium. They welcome special guest Den Bishop of ACAP Health.

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Episode #52


Casey Albertson and Brent Walker of PatientBond talk with Scott about the power of psychographics to influence behaviors. Psychographics identifies what motivates individuals, so you can appeal to those points in your communications. Learn how this longtime consumer marketing strategy is being applied to health care.

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Episode #10

Using Psychographics for Communication

If you want to engage your employees, you have to motivate them. But how do you motivate them? The answer is psychographics. Psychographics is a quick and easy way to identify individual motivators. Dave Homan, VP of marketing and innovation at MB, talks with Scott and Anne Marie about this effective engagement tool.

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Episode #9

Millennials in the Workforce

Is your company savvy to the ways of the Millennial? This young demographic represent tomorrow’s leaders, and they grew up in a vastly different world than previous generations. Scott and Anne Marie talk to Matt McNeil, an up-and-coming Millennial, about the potential Millennials bring to your business.

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Episode #1

Introduction to Side Affects

McGohan Brabender’s Side Affects fills a void in the crowded podcast arena. We present solutions to rising costs; strategies to improve health; guidance for leadership development; and keys to creating a positive culture. Hosts: MB CEO Scott McGohan and Business Development Director Anne Marie Singleton.

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Episode #23

A Podcast about Podcasting

Scott and Anne Marie share how 20 minutes of unscripted conversation is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to transfer knowledge and share useful information, both internally and for a larger audience. If you’re wondering whether a podcast is right for your business, you’ll want to hear this.

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Episode #8

Every Company has a Culture

Your company’s culture can propel you to success or leave you stranded. And make no mistake, every company has a culture. Scott and Anne Marie talk about creating and nurturing a culture that attracts and retains talent, ensuring a productive future.

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