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Episode #30



In the last episode, Scott and Anne Marie talked about the importance of soft skills. This time,  Justin Howard from Black Box Improv talks about how to train your brain to be a good listener. Too often, we’re so concerned about what we’re going to say that we don’t really hear what others are saying. Justin’s improv for business class puts participants in the spotlight, where success depends on a little quick thinking — and a lot of faith.

About Our Guest

Justin Howard

Justin Howard is the founder and President at The Black Box Improv Theatre located in Dayton, Ohio. Since launching the theatre in 2012, it has become a premier destination for classes geared towards both business professionals to the improv hobbyist alike. For Justin, he has quickly risen as a sought-after coach, facilitator, and performer. Over the past decade, Justin has conducted a variety of workshops for multiple companies and organizations all over the nation, including McGohan Brabender and Harvard Business School. To learn more about Justin Howard visit his website at

Featured Notes and Resources

  • Justin Howard TedX Talk – 100 Percent Improvised (Video)

  • Justin Howard TedX Talk – Follow the fear (Video)

  • Listening: The Most Important Skill That Nobody Teaches (Article)

  • 5 Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills (Article)

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