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Casey Albertson and Brent Walker of PatientBond talk with Scott McGohan about the power of psychographics to increase engagement and change behavior.

Psychographics pertains to people’s values, lifestyles, attitudes, and personality. It’s the “why,” the deep-seated motivations, behind our behavior.

When you know what motivates people, you can target your communications in a way that is more likely to resonate with them. When applied to health care, that means people are more likely to get healthy or stay healthy and engaged.

It’s a fascinating, proven strategy that has been successful for decades in the consumer product market, and is now starting to have on impact on health care as well.

Learn how a simple quiz is 91 percent accurate at identifying what motivates individuals, and what this means to employers.

About Our Guest

Casey Albertson

Casey has over thirty years of sales, marketing and operational leadership experience in healthcare services, healthcare products and consumer products at Procter & Gamble. Casey was EVP at MDVIP (Concierge Medicine), VP Managed Markets for pharmaceutical division and led numerous innovation initiatives. In his Pharma Account Management leadership role he developed an Industry first Medical Risk Contracting strategy for an Rx product. In a marketing capacity, he co-developed and led the Health Care Consumer Institute® (HCI).  This value-add business unit developed deep insights on consumer behavior in healthcare. Casey has extensive experience in healthcare, consumer marketing and psychographic profiling. Casey holds a BBA in Marketing from Iowa State.

Brent Walker

Brent has over twenty years of marketing experience in the healthcare division of Procter & Gamble focused on brand building, consumer insights, customer marketing and value-added solutions. Brent has deep experience in consumer research and segmentation, market analytics and strategic planning. He designed and led P&G’s e-commerce customer team for an online retailer of Over-the-Counter healthcare and Personal Needs products. Brent was also the Head of Customer Marketing for MDVIP, P&G’s subsidiary network of concierge medicine practices where he worked with MDVIP’s institutional partners to discover and apply consumer insights and leverage P&G’s marketing capabilities to achieve mutual goals. Brent holds a BS in Business Administration from Miami University.

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