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Take a listen to this special Side Affects episode with Scott McGohan and MB President, Mike Suttman as they chat with Regenexx CEO, Jason Hellickson to learn more about an increasingly popular alternative versus orthopedic surgeries, if possible. Regenexx uses human healing cells as agents to restore compromised joints. Regenexx research is based on outcomes for a very fluid approach to the healing process. Tune in to learn how assumed procedures are being replaced by a less evasive process both physically and financially.

About Our Guest

Jason Hellickson

Jason Hellickson is the CEO of Regenexx with a 30 year history working at the intersection of healthcare and large employers. He is an active business strategist, investor and advisor with focus on health economies and acquisitions for the private and public sectors. Jason has developed multiple patented practices for streamlining insurance operations and management. Regenexx is a global best-practices provider specializing in interventional orthopedics. Jason is an architect of the Regenexx Corporate Program saving corporations millions in healthcare design. He is an advocate and business speaker on the unprecedented healthcare crisis, consulting with company decision makers on major strategy shifts to mitigate healthcare trajectory, leading real-time savings and employee well being through innovation. Regenexx Corporate partners with self-funded employers to significantly reduce their orthopedic spend, while providing employees a choice in care. Regenexx orthopedic procedures are chosen over 95% of the time over the surgical alternative or other orthopedic procedures, ultimately resulting in better outcomes.

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