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Can you imagine creating a company-wide communication piece in multiple languages addressing diverse cultures? Ken Wigton of Michelman, Inc. globally headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, joins CEO Scott McGohan and Side Affects producer Kenzie Fell to discuss how Michelman is able share the Midwest culture with seven locations in the US, Europe, and Asia. Ken says it all starts with being consistent with their hiring process. First, you obviously must have the skill to do the job, but more importantly, your character and your integrity must encompass Michelman’s well-being mind set. Associates are encouraged to be curious and do more than just check the box to complete a task. Creating partnerships that take Michelman a step beyond.

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About Our Guest

Ken Wigton

Ken Wigton is the Global Human Resources Manager of Michelman, Inc. Ken has over 20 years’ experience specializing in human resources management and has driven Michelman to be a leader in employee benefit offerings for the past 14 years. Ken studied at Miami University and worked as an HR Specialist and HR Manager at Grant Thornton and Insight Communications before joining Michelman. He has a history in the chemicals industry and is skilled in international human resources, organizational development, talent acquisition, total rewards, training and development. Welcome to Side Affects, Ken!

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