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From Patents to Prices: A Deep Dive into Drug Pricing | Part IV

Episode #133



In today’s episode of Side Affects, hosts Kenzie McEvily and David Homan tackle one of the most sought-after topics in pharmacy: pricing. Joined by MB’s Vice President of Pharmacy Solutions, Dr. Jeff Eichholz, PharmD, they explore the fundamentals of drug pricing and the transformative impact of transparency on the industry, albeit with added complexity. You’ll learn the origins of generic drugs and unravel the components comprising the cost of specialty drugs, touching on patents, research, drug ingredients and beyond.

About Our Guest

Dr. Jeff Eichholz

Jeff joined MB in October 2023 as Vice President of Pharmacy Solutions.  He brings more than 20 years of experience as a pharmacist from a variety of backgrounds including retail pharmacy, PBM and pharmacy consulting which provides a unique perspective to evaluate PBM offerings from the member, plan sponsor, PBM and clinician’s perspective.  Over the course of his career, Jeff has developed a deep understanding of the evolving PBM landscape through his roles in account management, formulary and clinical product development and as a pharmacy benefit consultant.  In his current role, Jeff works with our clients, prospects and account teams to assist in the procurement and management of pharmacy benefit management services as well as provide consultation and education regarding plan design, clinical programs, and pharmacy benefit management industry trends. Jeff received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Connect with Dr. Jeff on LinkedIn.

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