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Generational Recruiting Part II: ChatGPT & Interactive Technology

Episode #126


Join #SideAffects Producer, Kenzie McEvily and co-host, Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Homan as they discuss artificial intelligence and how HR professionals can use it to save time, improve efficiency and enhance a job candidate’s interview experience. It’s 2023 and personalization is key! From your tennis-shoes to your food order to your job offer letter, personalization can create a competitive advantage for organizations. Technology guru, Dave Homan is going to introduce us to the basics of ChatGPT and why we need to embrace this innovation. Tune in!

Click this link to watch the presentation Dave references in the podcast:

About Our Guest

Dave Homan

David Homan is the Chief Marketing Officer for McGohan Brabender, where he leads a team of creative minds to find simple solutions to complex benefits problems. David and his team create new and innovative ways to motivate, engage and energize our clients and their employees. With over 30 years as a thought leader, David is considered a subject matter expert on employee engagement and communication. Whether operating within the walls of MB or venturing beyond, he remains steadfast in his dedication to implementing technology to help employers reimagine their benefits packages.

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