MB Title Change Announcement

Feb 21, 2024

McGohan Brabender is pleased to announce the following title changes for our organization! These changes represent the increased responsibilities and accomplishments of our MBers. Our Segment Leaders and Market Growth Leaders help navigate industry changes, economic changes and a pandemic.

Congratulations to Michael McGrath, Kevin Hopf, Kevin Grabeman, Tony Malagari and Matthew Heiny on their new titles as Executive Vice President of their market.

Our Client Retention segments have also been renamed to reflect the work of our teams and the growth we have undergone. Liz Schneider is the Executive Vice President of our Emerging Markets (previously known as 2-50), Tina Werts is the Executive Vice President of our Strategic Accounts (previously known as 51-99) and Beth Bailey is the Executive Vice President of our Key Accounts (previously know as 100+).

Suzanne Meek, PHR‘s title is Vice President of Human Resources.

Some titles have remained unchanged since MB’s inception in 1972. Our leadership team believed that the role titles needed to align with the growth and changes our organization has undergone over the past 52 years, while also keeping our Core Truths in mind. These title changes were deemed necessary in order to recognize everyone’s talent, empower them in their roles, and facilitate better career advancement. By ‘Keeping First Things First,’ we are demonstrating our commitment to valuing our people and investing in their lives.

Congratulations to all!