McGohan Brabender Hires New Director of Pharmacy Solutions

Dec 1, 2023

McGohan Brabender has hired Dr. Jeff Eichholz – PharmD, as the new Director of Pharmacy Solutions. Jeff has earned his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from Saint Louis College of Pharmacy. He has over 20 years of experience within the Rx distribution system, with over 10 years at Express Scripts as the Clinical Manager, Director of Trend Management, Sr. Director of Formulary Solutions, and Sr. Manager of Drug Trends Management.

As the company grows, McGohan Brabender recognizes the need for a dedicated role within the pharmacy solutions and distribution space. “Our client’s pharmacy expenses are growing at a rate that not only outpaces regular inflation but also exceeds current medical inflation trends. The need for expertise in this area has never been more important to providing quality consultation to our clients.” Suttman states. “We believe the ability to manage our client’s pharmacy from a clinical, cost, and member disruption perspective will differentiate MB from other large employee benefit consulting firms.”

Jeff will work closely with Co-Chairman Mike Suttman, building on MB’s pharmacy strategies. He will also replace Mike as MB’s representative on the Rx subcommittee for C-2 Solutions. This new role will oversee employee education, PBM contract reviews, PBM vendor selections, and supporting Rx management, among other responsibilities. “Jeff has found philosophical alignment with McGohan Brabender’s commitment to providing best-in-class clinical, strategic, contract, and financial transparency to help our clients select the pharmacy solution that matches their desire for cost control.” Suttman writes.

“With Jeff’s background, he gives the advantage of firsthand experience from the retail, PBM, and employer perspectives to help clients understand the current Rx distribution models.” McGohan Brabender is excited to join Jeff in creating new strategies to improve the dysfunctional distribution system for their clients.