Episode 114 | September 1, 2022

Side Affects Episode #114: Cultivating Success Throughout The Member Journey – Part III

In This Episode

On this episode of “Side Affects,” McGohan Brabender’s Strategy and Innovation team continues to discuss the driving force behind why “The New Member Journey” research is essential in understanding trends in benefits planning. Our host Kenzie is joined again by Dave Homan, Director of Strategy and Innovation, to dissect the findings of this research and better understand why these trends are changing. Part 3 of this series highlights the importance of knowing what employees in different generational stages want from their benefits program and what they are willing to do to get those benefits. Listen in to learn more about how the “new normal” of benefits planning impacts member utilization and what these findings mean for employers moving forward.

About Our Guest

Dave Homan

Dave Homan

David Homan has been a leader in the employee benefit world for 28 years. In his current role as Director of Strategy & Innovation for McGohan Brabender, he leads a team of creative minds to find simple solutions to complex benefit problems. He has served as a consultant for several national benefit technology organizations and is considered a subject matter expert on employee engagement and communication. If you like benefit booklets, boring enrollment meetings or relying on insurance carriers to promote key initiatives, David will scare you to death! He has presented on the topic of utilizing technology in the employee benefits world and is the architect of two benefit technology start-ups.

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