Episode 123 | May 23, 2023

Side Affects Episode #123: Military Contractors And Employee Benefits

In This Episode

Co-hosts, Kenzie McEvily and Dave Homan welcome McGohan Brabender Shareholder and Consultant, Matt McAlpine to touch on a specialized industry – military contractors.

In this episode, we unveil the world of defense contractors and the extraordinary employee benefits they offer. From top-tier healthcare plans to generous retirement packages, these employers have created a work environment that goes above and beyond. Join us as we dive into the reasons behind these special benefits, the impact they have on attracting and retaining talent, and the challenges they face. Tune in to gain insights into the perks that make these positions truly exceptional.

About Our Guest

Matt McAlpine

Matt McAlpine

MB Shareholder and Consultant, Matt McAlpine has been with MB for nearly 13 years with expertise in lowering health care costs for his clients and creating sustainable long-term strategies. He has nearly 20 clients that are military contractors – which we believe qualifies him as today’s subject matter expert.

He is a Centerville High School graduate and played Varsity Soccer for the University of Kentucky. Matt graduated in 2007 with degrees in Management and Journalism. 

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