Episode 004 | February 29, 2016

Side Affects Episode 4: Aileron – The Entrepreneur Exec’s Best Friend

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Aileron – A Gift for the Community

Aileron headquarters in Dayton, Ohio

Aileron was founded in 1996 by Clay Mathile. Based in Tipp City, Ohio, Aileron is a leading-edge nonprofit that helps businesses from all over the United States scale and grow. As McGohan Brabender CEO puts it, “Aileron (pictured on right) provides a safe place for leaders to be vulnerable.”

Aileron’s headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. To qualify to become a member, the organization requires for the business to have exceeded one million dollars in revenue and have a minimum of 10 employees. Their flagship program and courses help drive organizations and leaders to the next level.

About Our Guest

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson is the acting Business Advisor of Aileron where his main responsibilities include driving the content of the company to the next level, working directly with business owners and being the voice of Aileron’s customers.  Prior to joining Aileron in 2006, Mark Thompson quickly established himself as an engineer for an architectural company after graduating from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. After becoming the CEO and largest shareholder of the company, Thompson reached out to Aileron to take a course in business planning. This is just the tip of Thompson’s interesting background, which we dive more into on the show.

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