Episode 048 | November 28, 2017

Side Affects Episode 48: The Health Care Top 10

In This Episode

What should healthcare consumers be on the lookout for in 2018?

In this episode of Side Affects, Scott McGohan and Anne Marie Singleton breakdown the HealthCare Executive Group’s top-ten list. This annual, industry-leading list created by the HealthCare Executive Group looks ahead at the top trends coming to health care in the coming year.

Together, Scott McGohan and Anne Marie Singleton discuss each leading trend and what it means for employers, carriers, and health care consumers.

The HealthCare Executive Group is a network of the top leaders in the healthcare industry. Since 1988, their mission is to provide a platform to promote healthcare innovation. Each year, they publish a top ten list that is considered the industry standard for the top trends coming to healthcare industry in the coming year.

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