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Join CEO Scott McGohan and Shareholder Anne Marie Singleton for "Side Affects: Disrupting Health Care." This MB podcast will provoke you, as an employer, to think differently. Scott and Anne Marie share strategies with the power to transform your workforce. They explore the role of leadership and culture to pave the way to better health and productivity. What's the secret? People; always has been and always will be! Health care is about people, leadership is about people, products are developed for and by people.   Email your questions to or

  • Side Affects | Episode 33: The GOP Health Care Proposal

    The Republican answer to repeal-and-replace addresses some of the failings of the Affordable Care Act. But will the solutions just create another set of problems? ERISA attorney Paul Routh joins Scott and Anne Marie to examine some of the changes in the proposed legislation, including the elimination of the employer… [more]

    Episode 32 | Is a captive right for you?

    SThe right funding option offers protection from financial risk at the right cost to employers. For smaller groups, that might be fully funded. Large companies benefit from self funding. But there’s an option for mid-sized groups that balances the potential savings of self funding with the protection of full funding… [more]

    Episode 31 | ActionMasters Professional Development

    Scott and Anne Marie welcome Betsy Westhafer, a performance coach and founder of ActionMasters Network. She’s worked with a lot of different leadership styles, but finds one trait stands out among the most successful leaders:  They don’t want to be the smartest person in the room. They hire for outcomes… [more]

    Episode 30: Improve with Improv!

    In the last episode, Scott and Anne Marie talked about the importance of soft skills. This time,  Justin Howard from Black Box Improv talks about how to train your brain be a good listener. Too often, we’re so concerned about what we’re going to say that we don’t really hear… [more]

    Episode 29 | Soft Skills Beat Hard Sell

    Technical skills might open doors but soft skills will maintain relationships. Scott and Anne Marie talk about the value of soft skills — listening,  responding and recognizing nonverbal queues. Poor soft skills drive away customers and clients, while good skills pull them in. And soft skills, like technical skills, can… [more]

    Episode 028 | The Value of Vision Coverage

    Vision Coverage is often an afterthought, but it’s the most requested voluntary benefit among employees. Scott and Anne Marie explain how vision coverage is an inexpensive way to boost the value of your benefits package. And it’s not just about eyeglasses; regular eye exams can provide early detection to underlying… [more]

    Episode 27 | The Next Generation

    Generation Dayton is an organization for professionals under 40 in the Dayton region. Michael Allen and Melissa Carr sit down with Scott and Anne Marie to discuss how Gen D develops the next generation of community and business leaders. Employers, take note: What do young people value most from their… [more]

    Episode 26 | “Hood Robin” and Prescription Drug Pricing

    Recent price hikes for life-saving drugs prompt this discussion on prescription pricing. Scott says it’s like Robin Hood in reverse — the real payers of prescriptions are propping up a dysfunctional system. Scott and Anne Marie say the lack of transparency masks the dollars that are being exchanged under the… [more]

    Episode 25 | EAP: Because Stress Doesn’t Take a Holiday

    When employees are under a lot of stress, at work or at home, their well-being and performance suffers. An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is an often under-utilized resource that offers free confidential, professional counseling. The problem is, not many people know about it. Scott and Anne Marie talk about… [more]

    Episode 24: The Evolution of Wellness: Past, Present and Future

    Alexandra Paul, National Wellness Executive for Humana Health Care, says the focus of wellness has evolved from awareness to activities to outcomes. And thanks to wearable technology and data collection, the future holds the promise of earlier and improved disease detection. The key to this transformative possibility: Company culture. Join… [more]

    Episode 23 | A Podcast About... Podcasts

    Our Side Affects podcast was conceived to provoke you to think differently about your benefits plan. This time, we want you to think differently about podcasts! Scott and Anne Marie share how 20 minutes of unscripted conversation is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to transfer knowledge and share useful… [more]

    Episode 22 | The Case for Long-term Disability Insurance

    The chances of an employee needing long-term disability are greater than many employers might realize. Ninety percent of disabilities are due to common medical conditions, not catastrophic events. Long-term disability is an inexpensive way to protect your employee’s income in the event of an extended illness or injury. Scott and… [more]

    Episode 021 | Social Media and Human Resources

    Episode 021 | Your future workforce is well versed in communication technology. Are you? Scott and Anne Marie look at how social media and wearable technology are impacting human resources. The playing field is crowded, so how do you choose the ones that will have the most impact? The key… [more]

    Episode 020 | Airrosti: An Effective Alternative to Costly MSK Surgery

    Derek Curlee of Airrosti Rehab Centers joins Scott and Anne Marie to discuss musculoskeletal issues — things like back, shoulder and knee pain. Data shows these are among the costliest claims, racking up big numbers for pain meds, radiology and surgeries. Derek’s approach, initially used to get professional athletes better… [more]

    Episode 019 | Reference Based Pricing: A Question of When, Not If

    Scott and Anne Marie discuss reference how based pricing is gaining momentum as a cost-control strategy. Scott and Anne Marie explain how this approach – where employers negotiate a lower price for bundled medical services – works. You may not be ready to adopt it now, but you don’t want… [more]

    Episode 18 | Organizational Change

    Episode 018 | Scott and Anne Marie talk with McGohan Brabender’s new Director of Human Resources, Suzanne Meek. They discuss the many aspects of change within an organization.

    Here is a link to Clayton Christensen’s website, the author of “The Innovator’s Dilemma” that Anne Marie referred to:

    Episode 17 | Understanding the Cost and Health Status of Healthcare in Your Region | Show Notes

    Scott and Anne Marie talk about the importance of understanding the economic consequences of healthcare in different regions. Listen to learn about what affects your healthcare markets cost.

    Here is a link to the New York Times article “The Experts Were Wrong About the Best Places for Better and Cheaper Health Care”:

    Episode 16 | How C2 Solutions Work for You | Show Notes

    Scott talks with MB President Mike Suttman and Sean Willoughby-Ray of Scott Insurance in North Carolina. McGohan Brabender and Scott Insurance are two of six firms involved in C2 Solutions, a partnership that that has the objectives: to serve their clients, make us better, and to produce a think tank.… [more]

    Episode 15 | Open Enrollment | Show Notes

    Episode 15 | Scott and Anne Marie discuss the upcoming season of Open Enrollment. This is a busy time for employers with communicating with their employees, and understanding cost control and ACA. The two also give multiple example of surcharges, and how there can be a higher cost for certain… [more]

    Episode 14 | Metabolic Syndrome Awareness | Show Notes

    In this episode of ‘Side Affects’ mentions a handful of references regarding Metabolic Syndrome (MetS). Our friends at Holmes Murphy and Acap Health provided us with some more resources as well. Here is the compiled list:

    -Forks Over Knives: A film and book providing life changing eating plans. You may watch the… [more]

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