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Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps – Member Journey Part IV

Episode #115



On this episode of “Side Affects,” McGohan Brabender’s Strategy and Innovation team wraps up the findings of the member journey research and discusses why employees no longer want the standard benefits package. Producer, Kenzie is joined by Director of Strategy and Innovation, Dave Homan who shares the issues members face when interacting with their benefits program. This episode explains how you can turn a “stressor” into a “delighter” and provides easy solutions employers can do to fix these issues. Understanding this new member journey can make the difference between employee retention and employee resignation! Join us in this final episode where the rubber meets the road and learn how examining your own benefits plan is the first step to a transformational change within your organization.

About Our Guest

Dave Homan

David Homan has been a leader in the employee benefit world for 28 years. In his current role as Director of Strategy & Innovation for McGohan Brabender, he leads a team of creative minds to find simple solutions to complex benefit problems. He has served as a consultant for several national benefit technology organizations and is considered a subject matter expert on employee engagement and communication. If you like benefit booklets, boring enrollment meetings or relying on insurance carriers to promote key initiatives, David will scare you to death! He has presented on the topic of utilizing technology in the employee benefits world and is the architect of two benefit technology start-ups. If you're interested in the findings of the Member Journey, contact for your own copy!

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