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Episode #65



Susan Goebel hears a lot of bright ideas. In fact, she talks to three inventors every day! Susan is a master at taking concepts from the drawing board to the marketplace. Her focus these days is bioscience business development. The problem, she says, isn’t a lack of ideas; it’s a lack of understanding of the process. With bioscience solutions, time is of the essence, and Susan can help innovators get their product on the market faster. Join Scott McGohan and special co-host Kenzie Fell and find out how a great idea needs the right plan, the right team and the right funding. And Susan Goebel is the right person to help with that.

About Our Guest

Susan Goebel

Susan Goebel is a 20 year veteran at bringing products to market around the world. This relentlessly detailed, a diligent leader in research and product development uncovers global market opportunities and partnerships to help inventors and entrepreneurs bring bioscience ideas to fruition. An expert on bioscience business development, Susan speaks in front of government panels and authors peer-reviewed papers to drive positive change, develop and usher products through challenging regulatory environments on multiple continents all to drive revenue to the bottom line. Most recently as an entrepreneur, she has built businesses from the ground up, sourced funding, worked joint ventures and offering her skills as a business strategist and high-ticket closer. Now Susan has turned her focus to supporting others in their ventures into bioscience businesses. From helping doctors bring new medical solutions to market, to connecting investors and inventors, Susan helps shape the future of health, wellness and bioscience.

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