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SimplePay is an industry-changing approach to health care that delivers the highest quality care at the lowest cost. No deductibles, no plan design, no bills from providers … no surprises. Wally Gomaa of ACAP Health, says SimplePay makes buying health insurance a consumer experience, much like buying a TV. Wally tells MB CEO Scott McGohan and Multimedia Specialist, Kenzie Fell why he believes SimplePay is going to transform health care, and how it is already overcoming challenges the health care industry presents.

About Our Guest

Wally Gomaa

Wally Gomaa is the CEO of ACAP Health and Vice President of Holmes Murphy, partners of MB. Wally was a former President of a national insurance carrier, CFO of a healthcare provider, and a benefits consultant. His past experiences help give him insights into how the entire health care system can work better for businesses and their employees. To learn more about Wally Gomaa and SimplePay, visit

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