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Our MB Advocate Team is a dedicated team of in-house specialists committed to providing assistance and support to address concerns related to enrollment, claims, billing, benefits, and more.

Our team understands the challenges of navigating complex insurance issues, which is why our advocates work tirelessly on your behalf. They work directly with insurance carriers to receive quick and accurate resolutions to any issues that may arise. With their expertise and strong relationships with carriers, our team ensures that you and your employees have the resources to answer questions, receive progress updates, and resolve billing issues.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the MB Advocate Team about your insurance issues, please call us at (877) 635-5372 or email us.

Click this link to submit a ticket to the MB Advocate Team!


Hear from who we’ve helped!


Advocate Team Manager

"I just had to share the best customer service I have ever received. My son had a test scheduled and the provider was requiring a significant pre-payment. I emailed the Advocate Team and they immediately called the carrier and verified the deductible and verified the provider was in network. Then, they proactively called the provider’s office to make sure there was no miscommunication when we arrived for the test. They had them change the estimate and made sure it was documented before we arrived. The team consistently went over and above for me. To me, the MB team is the best benefit we offer."


Advocate Team Lead

"Thank you so much for your help in getting an authorization for my sleep study. I have been dealing with a couple of issues with different vendor/providers and I feel like I could pull out my hair! You handled this situation so well by staying in touch via email and phone. Your superiors need to know that you are excelling at your job!"


Senior Advocate Specialist

"I wanted to recognize the Advocate Team for all the work they have done assisting me with my pharmacy issues and pre-authorizations. They got things taken care of quickly and kept me completely up-to-date on how things were progressing when they took a few days. They were a great help, and I wouldn’t have been able to get the issues rectified without them!"


Senior Advocate Specialist

"An employee and her son were hit by a drunk driver last September. She has experienced major complications from that accident and along with that comes a lot of medical bills. She reached out to the Advocate Team & they were a huge blessing to her. She mentioned that she always tells staff to call the Advocate Team, and this is the first time she has needed this much help herself and she is beyond thankful for it."


Advocate Specialist

"I am writing this email to acknowledge the outstanding service I received from your Advocate Team! This entire insurance issue was such a pain until they intervened and took things over. They were prompt and thorough and saw the entire claim through to the end (which ended up being multiple claims). I did not know this was even a service provided through our employer and I am just so appreciative of their diligence and commitment to getting this taken care of. They are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!"


Advocate Specialist

"I just got off the phone with an employee regarding the issue his wife was having with RxBenefits, and getting a prescription filled. He wanted me to share his gratitude and thank the MB Advocate team who was able to expedite the claim."


Advocate Specialist

"The employee broke into tears on the phone when speaking about her experience with the Advocate Team. It meant so much to her to have a team of people that she can call who care and really listen to her. Thank you, Shelley, for making a difference and showing how much we care about our members!"


Advocate Specialist

"Just to let you know I called the MB Advocates to ask about pharmacy benefits. Spoke to a nice, professional team member. The team was on my request, and I received a call back within the hour with my answers. This was so much easier than dealing with the carrier people. Kudos!"


Advocate Specialist

"I got a voicemail message from our owner regarding the MB Advocates. He had very nice things to say about their assistance with his recent claims from his back issues and surgery. He said, “they have been great” and he is so thankful because “what he has gotten from the carrier so far is very confusing”."


Advocate Specialist

"A member of this group tried filling a prescription and was told it would be $2,600. He was told it wasn’t covered under any plan because it is a drug that had only been approved for weight loss, but he takes it for diabetes. The Advocate Team reached out to Customer Service and the member was able to fill the prescription for $270 for a 3-month supply. There was conflicting information, but in the end the member was taken care of!"


Advocate Specialist

"Thank you again for being such an amazing advocate for myself and my daughter. Your impact on her healthcare is just as significant as her actual nurses and doctor. You kept me from falling apart by dealing with the insurance company for me. I’m sure the team at McGohan Brabender already knows how valuable you are but if they haven’t told you lately, you can show them this note!"

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