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7 Tips for Boosting Employee Happiness in the Workplace The meaning of happiness is dependent upon the individual and what they value. Because there are so many different ways that people define happiness, it is so incredibly difficult for employers to make every single one of their employees happy 100% of the time. There just isn’t one simple template to follow in order to boost employee happiness in every organization. Advice from HR experts and
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Everyone understands the importance of numbers. But understanding how they apply to your health plan and the actions they suggest is the true story. The financial reports generated by our Financial and Analytic Services (FAS) team gives clients a month-to-month look at how their health plan is running, so they’re never blindsided. Jim Brown, who oversees the FAS department as Director of Reporting and Analytics Services, shares his insight on how reporting helps employers. “We
Different types of communication channels including email, phone, and email
Are you happy with the amount of employee engagement at your company? If you answered no, don’t worry — you’re not alone! A survey by CBI found that only 12% of businesses today are happy with the current level of employee engagement. And when it comes to communicating benefits, odds are that the majority of your population is disengaged. It’s not that your employees don’t appreciate having benefits; but the confusing and complex nature of health benefits
Workplace Communication
As an employer, you know first-hand how vital effective communication is to the overall success of your business. It’s the core factor in boosting employee engagement, team management, and client relationships. In fact, an article by SHRM showed that a company with over 100,000 employees loses more than $60 million a year because of inadequate communication. The relative cost to a mid to small sized employer is even more impactful. So whether you’re a startup
6 Perks that attrack and keep talent
Let’s face it; one of the biggest challenges we have as employers is finding and keeping quality talent. You know the type: loyal, hardworking, and knowledgeable individuals. And the competition to hire these workers is greater than ever. Now, we know that benefits play a role when a person is considering a new job. As Glassdoor’s 2017 employee benefits guide illustrates, nearly 60% of candidates noted that perks and benefits are among their top considerations