Episode 020 | September 15, 2016

Side Affects Episode 20: Airrosti

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Musculoskeletal surgery ranks in the top three sources of company claims cost.

MSK stands for musculoskeletal and covers everything from sprains, strains and chronic pains. With studies showing one of every two Americans having musculoskeletal issues, it’s easy to see that MSK surgery costs have gotten out of hand for employers.

This is where Airrosti comes in.

Derek Curlee with Anne Marie and Scott McGohan

Since 2004, Airrosti has been a go-to organization for rapid recovery of soft tissue injuries. In their short history, Airrosti has expanded to over 200 locations around the U.S.

And the results have been incredible.

The organization has helped 88% of their customers resolve their injury and prevented over 6,000 surgeries that were scheduled or recommended. For employers, the end result of utilizing Airrosti equates to more money back in the pockets of employees.

In this episode of Side Affects, Scott McGohan and Anne Marie Singleton meet with Derek Curlee of Airrosti to dive deeper into how Airrosti cures people, what their mission is, and much more in this informational podcast.

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