Episode 027 | December 22, 2016

Side Affects Episode 27: The Next Generation

In This Episode

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce today at 52.9 million (source). For the Dayton, Ohio region, a fast growing organization called “Generation Dayton” is focused on helping these young adults grow personally and professionally.

Scott McGohan and Anne Marie Singleton are joined by Northwestern employees and current Generation Dayton heads, Melissa Carr and Michael Allen. Together, the four discuss how employers can connect to the millennial job applicant, advice for those under 40 years old, and the impact this organization has had thus far on the community.

About Our Guests

Melissa Carr

Meissa Carr is a Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual and is one of the acting chair members for Generation Dayton.

Michael Allen

Michael Allen is a Financial Advisor for Northwestern Mutual where he operates in the College Unit division.

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